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IS Golf Outing!

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by fordgo6, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. OK guys, The Golf outing has been canceled due to lack of interest or other plans. We can get together later for those interested. I have a chance to work that day also, due to lack of funds I'm going to.
  2. Dammit! My wife asked about it today...I told her, "hell yes I'm still golfing down in Indy next weekend." Oh, well. Thanks for trying, Billy.

  3. Sorry JL, I was looking forward to it to. Maybe we can get together with Eric and Jones and play somewhere.
  4. Thanks for trying! I was already feeling guilty about taking y'alls money, anyhow!
  5. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I was still in, my work has today till 4pm to change my work schedule, Looks like i will have it off. Well, at least now i dont have to give Eric all my
  6. Maybe some of us can meet around the Ft. and play soon.
  7. stallion when you want to come out here?? we could easily get a foursome up this way and we've got a couple decent courses around here. If you want you can come out this way and head over to "Jonesyville" for drinks and dead animals if you wanted.
  8. Could you do it an afternoon during the week? My work schedule is fairly flexible, and JL's is fairly NON-EXISTENT at the moment. I could swing east, pick him up and be down near, then bbq.

    I only ask about a weekday cause I was looking at the calendar at home the next several weekends, and we're about booked to August! :bash:

    Let me know...I'm sure James will chime in as well, once he wakes up.
  9. Been up since 6:30! It's not too hard to talk me into golf...
  10. i could certainly be persuaded to golf on a a date in mind stallion??
  11. i might could pull it off...weeknights are better for me...