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IS / Iceshanty Tournement Feb 17th

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by HiRanger, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Anyone else fishing in the IS / Iceshanty Tournement Feb 17th at Winona in Warsaw?
    Pathfinder and I are going Friday A.M.
    We'll stay at one of these:

    Ramada Inn
    2519 E Center St, Warsaw, IN (1.67 miles away)

    Days Inn
    2575 E Center St, Warsaw, IN (1.82 miles away)

    Super 8 Motel
    3014 Frontage Rd, Warsaw, IN (1.84 miles away)

    Should be only 1 to 1.5 miles from the fairgrounds "The Rally Point"
  2. I was planning on fishing it, but I've got class that day. Hope IndianaInfo brings home the trophy!

  3. yep fishing for IN info team.
  4. Fergie2u.....Should you bring a sled or rhino to get out on the lake? I want to bring the Rhino.
  5. I wanted to go, but I can't make it Saturday. I too, hope Team INFO brings it home! Should be alot of guys fishing it, sounds like a great time for sure.
  6. I will be fishing it for indianainfo team. Got to break the cabin fever
  7. Sorry I can't make it would love to but Quail and I are going to Indy to the deer and turkey expo
  8. I would love to go, but my niece is having her 10th birthday party.
  9. Both should be ok on most of the lake I don't have either so will be draging my stuff
  10. We just checked in at the Ramada Inn they still have plenty on 89.00 rooms. Not to mention a Bennigans on property. See you there tonight at Bennigans.
  11. Its looking like this is going to be a big turn-out. Lots of the anglers are already up there and have also checked into the motel.
    Registration begins tommorrow morning at 7:30 am Indianapolis time. Registration is at the fairgrounds in the heated shelter house. They are going to have a big pitch-in dinner after the contest. Its gonna be a blast !!!!!
  12. Good luck to the info team! I'll be there in spirit.
  13. Sounds like fun fellas.....hope you guys do well.
  14. I’d like to thank everyone who was at the ice outing yesterday. Everyone had a blast !!! I'd like to thank all the members from this site that also attended !
    I’m thinking I was told that there was a total of about 78 anglers who attended the outing. That’s got to be a record turn-out.
    Indiana Info did win the trophy back, but those Ice Shanty guys really made us work for it ! There were bass, crappie, bluegill and perch caught.
    I’d like to give thanks to everyone, and an especially big thanks to rico for all his help with this. He more or less organized and put the whole thing together. He did a great job doing this and his work is appreciated !!!
    A big thanks to Fire831 for catching the winning fish !! WhoooHoooo
    I haven’t seen or heard who won the money pots or how much they paid out, so maybe one of the other guys can fill in the gaps.
    This outing has really turned into one of the best we have every year, and personally to me its not really important if we win the trophy back, its about everyone getting out and having fun and enjoying it. The trophy is just the icing on the cake !
    Again a big thanks to everyone involved with this. A big thanks to all the Ice Shanty guys and the Asphalt Kidd ! A big thanks also to all the anglers who helped pitch-in money to pay for the shelter house.
    Everyone had a blast, and that’s what its all about !!!
    Thanks Everyone !!!!! [​IMG]
  15. Awesome! Wish I could have been there, but apparently, the Info team didn't need my help. Congratulations to the IndianaInfo and all who attended!