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Is Indiana beautiful ?

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by sam, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Do you think Indiana is beautiful with all the trash that litter our shorelines ?
    Complain about all the trash and garbage:
    Contact the Executive office, State parks and reservoirs division, and general. Don't hesitate to complain several times !!!! and several more times after that !!!!
    Who can say that Indiana is beautiful ?? Not me ! I've seen all that stinking garbage and trash thats left by some anglers. I don't know if they are just lazy, or why they don't clean up after themselves.
    The fact is that Indiana has some beautiful shorelines surrounding our lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Its a down-right shame that you can't see the beauty because of all the trash ! Its disgusting !!!
    I personally think that the people who leave this trash and garbage behind should be fined if caught, and repeat offenders should face jail time.
    This subject comes up on the website every year, and its long over-due that anglers across the state let their voices be heard !!! Last year or this spring there was a bill that was introducted into the senate to be voted on, but needless to say it never made it to the vote. Our senators just didn't have the time.
    I'd like to encourage everyone to e-mail DNR and your congressman, and complain about the trash and garbage. This has been going on and on for many years, and its time for our state to step in and do something about it !!
    Our state must look like a garbage dump to visitors who visit here !!!!

  2. how true. indiana is not the only state. littering has never been enforced and probably never will. sad but true.

  3. It is sad to see...makes me sick when I'm on the water and see trash floating around or washed up on shore. Why would the "state" care about it though...they won't even mow the grass along the highways around here...on State Road 63 heading north out of Terre Haute the grass is nearing 4ft. tall in the medians and you can't even see oncoming traffic when you attempt to make a cross over or turn. The "state" should be fined for letting it get so bad...maybe they will get the ultimate fine when someone sues them after a family member gets killed in a traffic accident!!!
  4. Some people just don't care and they throw trash anywhere, and yes those cig. butts are a pain to you can see them all over. I can't help what other people do, all I can do is my part and I carry trash bags and a 5 gal bucket with me and I pick up what other people throw down. COME ON EVERYONE DO YOUR PART TO KEEP INDIANA AND AMERICA CLEAN FOR OUR GREAT GRAND KIDS.
  5. What really "ticks" me off, is when I find spent 12 gauge shotgun plastic hulls lying around the woods. IMO, if one is able to bring them into the woods they can remove them as well.
  6. People are pigs. I saw a woman open her car door and empty her ashtray
    on the parkinglot at Potato Creek state park. I confronted her about it and her resoning was "I pay taxes". Amazing.
    Every time I get caryout at a fast food joint there is a caryout charge added.
    I thought that was to pay for picking up all the junk the pigs scatter around.
    Haven't seen it happen tho.:coco:
    oops,I can't get the spell check to work.
  7. I have found it to be much more productive actually grabbing a trash bag and doing something about it rather than complaining. It is much easier to lead by example....
  8. .....I agree...but I'm not going to mow the state highway right of ways!!!
  9. MY MAN MITCH must be an IS member and read my post...the crews were out in force yesterday and got the grass mowed...THANKS MITCH!!!
  10. Would that be the ditch Mitch crew...or Mitch's ditch crew...
  11. Ditch Mitch...The B*&^H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks guys,

    I'd like to add a little more to this, and it is really bad. Recently i was at Plover pit in the Driftwood SFA.
    Litter and garbage is everywhere. The worst part of it though was when i was parked and fishing from the bank, and went up to my truck and just missed stepping into a big pile of human waste.
    Outhouse was only 100 yards away, i mean stuff like this is really bad !! Why would someone take a dump, when the outhouse is not far away !! Just gross !
  14. Hey Sam...there a lot of a-holes out there. And it seems more often than not, they mess it up for the rest of us. I lived around the Huntington and Salamonie Reservoir properties the last 10 years. I remember when they actually had garbage cans there. All of the sudden they dissappeared, with signs that said carry out your own trash. I asked a DNR guy about this turn of events and he said that nobody seemed to put their trash in the containers so why have them? And what burns me is that it is fellow anglers, and campers. Not respecting the land. And I will tell you something my experiences, bank fisherman are the worst. Empty bait containers, pop and beer cans, snack wrappers...but you cant watch over everybody 24/7. Laziness, disrespect, and a shear disregard for the law, all play a part in this problem. All I can say is report it when you see it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  15. The fact remains that WE are doing this to our lakes and rivers. I have seen both hunters and fishermen make and leave messes around their favorite lakes. Don't call the police if you see them make a mess jump on them about it. I carry bread bags for trash when I take the kids fishing.when they grow tired of fishing they fill up the bags I have brought. I give them a buck a bag. Its amazing how many bags these little buggars can fill up. I have seen people litter and just about every smoker throws their butts in the water. I know I'm going to get a bunch of fellow smokers who say "I don't do that I field strip my cigatettes and carry them out" My answer is Bull crap. I have hardly ever seen anybody else do this.Its still litter no matter how small. Teach your kids to leave it better than you find it and hopefully when they are older they will remember your teachings and pass them along.