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ISSC Lodge

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by anon782010, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Where does more BS go down than in a lodge...a competition of this magnitude needs to have a rallying point, this is it...

    I will post the rules one last time, and from here on out...let the games begin...

    The animals or fish must come from land or water that is territory of the US. Deer and Turkey scores will be maintained by those contests and simply placed on this scoreboard counting towards this contest.

    The mushroom, small game, predator, and waterfowl categories will be capped at 100pts per person.

    The contest will run March 1, 2007 to Feb 1, 2008.

    Any discrepancies will be decided by the manager of this competition. Me.

    Any questions. Just ask.

    Fishing, Ice or open water doesnt matter in the following sub catagories

    Black Bass
    Gamefish (i.e. musky, pike, walleye)
    Wildcard---any type of fish you choose--can be something different, or another fish from another category

    Each participant is allowed one fish in each category.
    Score will be determined by the length and girth measurements added together, thereby allowing release.
    A picture must be taken.
    Fish can be updated. Over updating is at my discretion. Don't get carried away.

    Use the scoring system that is used for the upcoming turkey contest.

    Use the scoring system that was used for the deer contest last year, and assuming there will be a contest again in 07, those scores will simply be transferred to this contest.

    .10 of a point for every mushroom found. Photo of spread must be provided.

    Small game
    1 point for each squirrel or rabbit taken. This category also includes any trapping takes such as racoon, muskrat, mink, beaver or groundhog.Photo required

    3 Points for each fox or coyote taken. Photo required

    1 point for each bird taken. Photo required

    IT'S TIME FELLAS!!!!!!
  2. Well, this is the place for the chittalkin...not the thread making fun of deano...(as much fun as it is)

    Just found this pic of Dew's gardners, he refers to them as his "Hoard"


  3. Thanks, I need a new keyboard now, as I just sprayed water all over this one.:lol: Some things are just so wrong that they are funny.
  4. There is such a thing as SUN SCREEN

    Did someone get a bit to close to their flaming sword? Marshmellow accident maybe?
  5. Sorry man, i tried to talk myself out of posting it, but i just couldnt get through to me...
  6. [​IMG]


    (Like my Quail Gun don't ya'll......uh-huh.....Pretty isn't it!!)
    :evilsmile ​
  7. Just like team're shooting the wrong way we're on the other side. :coco:
  8. Dew, I sure hope you're not trying to get a special ruling to allow use of battleships in deer and waterfowl hunting here in the fine state of Indiana.
  9. do battleships only fire straight walled pistol cartridges they are fine arent they??

    this is part where iron sights comes in with ballistics information comparing those cannons to my 20 gauge haha :evilsmile:evilsmile

    I'm just joking guys :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
  10. trent that picture is now my background...thank you for making my day
  11. Oh no...... T bag that is sooooooooooooo wrong! Arp, Arp.
  12. so a baby seal walks into a club...

    my favorite one liner of all time

    he called him t bag hehe
  13. I love this place!!!! Where else can you see a baby seal getting clubbed and talk about T-bagging at the same instance.......
  14. thats a normal friday night at tony mudholes palace...