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ISTA fur sale results 12/16

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Heavyduty, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. thanks to all who helped out and those who brought there fur to sale and the buyers who bought, all and all it was another very fine sale, I think everyone left happy with the results.

    here are to numbers

    _______________________________________________H L
    Rats 313 sold= average $7.24______________________$8 $1
    coon 141 =$11.76_______________________________ $15.50 $2
    Red fox 15= $11.07______________________________ $18.50 $4
    coyote 48= $16.88_______________________________ $19 $9
    mink 11= $18.00_________________________________ $20 $1
    beaver 11 =$13.36_______________________________ $18 $5
    possum 37 =$1.09________________________________ $2.50 .50
    skunk 5= $6.00___________________________________ $6

    we had 17 trapper lots and 4 buyers attended

  2. hahaha

    well I do it becasue I love it and not for the money
    yes it's nice to get some money back but it's very hard to break even little lone turn a profit.

    I also deer hunt, turkey hunt and fish
    never made a dime doing any of those either but I still love doing them
    spent lots of money doing it though lol!

    Just glad to be able to sale fur for a useful resource
  3. How long can you keep a unfleshed coyote in the deep freeze before fleshing and sending out for tanning? Or just sending out to have it fleshed and tanned? (I.E. USA FOX)
  4. not sure of the exact amount of time but becareful as they will freezer burn if left in there for a long peroid of time
    I have left hides in the freezer for a month or better with no problems
  5. As a fisherman I figured the 1 lb of fillets I ate for supper may have cost me as much as $500/ lb. LOL You add up all the money that I have spent on fishing gear over the years and divide it by the number of pounds of fish I consume and it may be even more than $500/lb! :16suspect :fish: :coco:

    Does everyone that hunts coyoters do it for the fur or just for something to shoot or both?
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  6. I shoot em yotes for population control, so many of them dang critters running around, as far as the pelts i just keep em for my self.
  7. coyote ?

    So, what does one do with the carcass once you have downed a coyote and skinned it. I plan on yote hunting on a FWA and I wouldn't think you could skin it on the spot and leave the carcass on the FWA property, so what would be a good way of disposing of the carcass? thanks
  8. parts is parts

    find a farmer with a burn hole or a ravine that the carcus is out of sight. last resort bury it
  9. Just like has been said, bury it or even put it in a trash bag and send it out with the trash. be sure to check cause some companies won't haul things like that away.
    just don't leave it in the open or by the road, this gives all sportsman a bad name and image
  10. Will coyotes eat a coyote carcus?
  11. Coyotes

    The one my son shot a couple of years back, we laid by the creek and kept an eye on it. Nothing ate on that thing. It is pretty sad when nothing would touch that darn animal.