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It is a Sad Day

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by MI Duck Hunter, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. I have been in denial for the past couple months on being able to hunt this year. Today I put all my hunting gear into storage. This is the first year since I started hunting that I didn’t buy a license and won’t be able to. I moved here from Michigan this year and being I have no place to hang and process a deer myself. I would also have to purchase a smaller freezer to fit into my apartment and when it is all said and done my first deer of the year would cost me about $250. That is a cost that I just can’t incur this year. It is sad and it brings a tear to my eye, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear all your successes. Matter of fact I need to live vicariously through all of your hunting successes.

  2. maybe you should try i less expensive hunting like bird hunting or waterfowl hunting, or even squirrels

  3. I'd contact some local processors....they might be willing to "lease" you some processing/freezer space for a fraction of that cost. Or even better, since you've obviously processed deer in the past....perhaps you could work out a deal. You skin/process deer for him in return for freezer space.

    Just throwing some suggestions out there! Hate to see a fellow hunter not be able to enjoy the hunt.

    This will be my first year at trying my hand at processing. I've got the gambrel in the garage, and plenty of freezer space. It would be a bit of a drive to Elkhart to pick up your meat...but I'd be happy to help if I could. Send me a personal message if you're interested.
  4. MI, I really hate to hear that. I hope you will reconsider. There has to be some options here that could help you out. Do you have any family close by that maybe would be willing to store some of the meat for you? As for hanging the deer, if you dont have any place to do it at your house is there anyway the property owner where you would hunt would let you hang it in maybe his barn or out on a big tree on his propery. I used to hunt a place where 2 guys came from downstate and camped and they always hung their deer on the property owners land. Last year i had a deer processed and it only cost me about 70 bucks, and that was with freezer wrapping too. Sounds like the expensive part here is the freezer, check around and figure something out. I'd store if for you if i could, but my freezer isnt very big and it is full of salmon and steaks right now, im not real sure how im even going to fit my deer in there once i get one, i will figure something out i guess. Dont give up hunting this year man, I'd really hate to see ya sit it out.
  5. That sucks

    If I were you I would almost get a liscense anyway and go out and sit for the one chance at a monster. You don't have to shoot everything you see, and if you get lucky and get a shot at a record buck, I'm sure you could figure out what to do with it. The part I enjoy about hunting is just being out there regardless of if I get a deer or not. I would reconsider and just hunt for that dream buck. Usually the way it goes is when you don't have a plan things seem to happen. Good luck on your decision.
  6. I appreciate all the help and well wishes, but unfortunately this is what sometimes happens. I keep telling myself how great next year will be. I am fine with my choice, not happy but fine. Today was really tough on me. I went to the gas station in Knox and there I met a guy with a monster buck in the back of his truck. This morning he harvested a 212 pound (dressed) 10 point. This buck was estimated to be 4-1/2 year old with 10 inch G3's. That made me almost reconsider my choice, but I have to stick with what I have to do. Again, thank you all.

  7. A person could pressure can a whole deer in pint or quart fruit jars. You can also make corned deer. You soak it in a salt/nitrate solution and you get a product like corned beef. For you guys that have never butchered its not that hard. Skin it out and cut the meat off the bones as much as possible in whole muscles. trim off the bad stuff. The big chunks are roasts and the big stuff cut in slices are steaks and the tough looking stuff is ground up into deer burger. Hand grinders don't work too bad and a food processor will make a pound or two of burger at a time(especially if its half frozen) I wouldn't give anyone that much money to process a deer- do a couple and you will quickly get pretty good at it. The fun is in the journey. :corkysm55 I have a friend that turns the whole deer into meat loaves.:)
  8. If you are a duck hunter and live by Knox then you should take a look to the west. Go to Kankakee FWA in about 2 weeks. That is a duck hunters paradise. They supply the boat and blind. I will be there on Nov. 3 and 17 this year. A friend and I both got reserves. I have been the before and seen as many as 10,000 birds. 4:30 AM draw for a blind. And you dont need a big freezer for those. A trip to Kankakee is always on the schedule atleast 2 times every year for me.:dizzy: It will drive a duck hunter nuts, Even 1 from Michigan
  9. MIDH,

    I live in Wanatah which is about 30 minutes from Knox. Just east of Valparaiso.
    I process my deer from start to finish in my garage. I have an electric Hobart meat grinder that I make all my sausage with. I have a huge chest freezer with space to spare.

    Pull the hunting gear out of storage and hunt. I would be more than happy to give you access to everything.

  10. Wanatah,

    Check your private message.

  11. I don't even bowhunt and am not sure why I even read this thread, but I am glad I did. Wanatah, you're a true sportsman. I sincerely mean that, and I hope that when I come across a fellow sportsman with a need I can assist with, I will have the presence of mind and generosity of spirit to step up to the plate as you have done.
  12. Talk about sad. I've seen two road killed monster bucks in the last two days.
  13. Slowretieve,

    I couldn't agree with you more. My little woman was so touched by the sportsmanship and helpfulness of Wanatah and the suggestions of the members, she decided that I really should hunt. She said we can wait on a few of the things we need to get what I need to deer hunt this year. Now I just need to get rid of a 9 cu. foot chest freezer so I can get a smaller one to fit in our appartment.

    Thank you all.