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It's beginning to look alot like....

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by anon782010, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Well fellas, the pre-season is officially upon us. Tree stands are now on display in Dick's Sporting Goods. The corporate calander has once again flipped its page to the money making whitetail hunter season.

    Gadgets, toys, guns, bows, hunting spots, its almost time.

    So, what are you most looking forward to doing, trying, or using this coming deer season?

    I've got a buck fever of 103, and I NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT!!!
  2. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    Maybe the Buck Growl will work for me this year.

  3. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Actually, i think i am going to do more hunting by myself this year, i always do better that way, I am also going to experiment with a decoy this year. I dont plan on buying anything new. I just want to get back to the basics and enjoy it..:)
  4. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    Please say these come in camo!

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  5. is he drinking a mojito?!?!?
  6. i cant wait to be in the woods when the sun first peaks over the horizon.
    that surreal adrenaline rush walking to your stand in the morning
    trying not to A) fall outta the tree
    b) get myself so tangled in my harness that I have to have 9 boy scouts with a plasma cutter, a swiss army knife, aluminum foil, a lighter, a can of chicken noodle soup and a paper clip to get the knots undone
    after you make a good shot on a deer and the absolute only thing in this world on your mind is getting down outta tree and finding it
  7. got my trail cam out , and already stringing trails to watch movement patterns to the corn field a.k.a. baitstation , shooting my bow nightly got the fever bad already cant wait!!!
  8. Just looking forward to crawling back up in a tree. Doesn't get much better than the view from 20' up.:coolgleam
  9. Don't quite have 'the fever' yet...but I'm starting to feel more 'under the weather'. ;)

    Trail cam is out. Have glassed a few fields. Nothing really "new" planned this year except focusing more on my presence in the woods. Seems a lot of times I get so excited to be out there, I just trapse in, and back out. Going to slow things down a bit.

    I was reading 'A hunters heart' last night and read a quote that really hit home....something along the lines of when a hunter enters the woods, it's like the rippling effect of a stone hitting the water. There's an immdiate effect, and that change fans out into the woods all around you. As it continues outward, its change is less dramatic. As time continues the woods settle down until it is calm again. At that point, you are one with the woods and all your surroundings. THAT is when the hunt truly begins.

    Pretty deep stuff....but I thought it was pretty cool.

    I think my temp. just rose a few more degrees! :lol:
  10. I've got the fever somthing awful too... I cannot wait for youth season.... or bow season.
  11. anybody getting squirrell fever?
  12. That's like the bird flu right?
  13. think I'll pass on the buck growl and all the other new gadgets again this year..
  14. nope, it's just like buck fever, only with much smaller animals and bullets
  15. Cant wait for the first good hard frosty morning when the leaves are glistening with frost the sun comes up and makes them shine like crystals. The leaves are crisp, the squirrels are getting busy finishing winter prep, and when the first big lone doe of the morning comes walking in you can hear her coming from a long ways off, the steady gate, the unmistakenable sound of hooves crunching through leaves. The first glimpse of her whiskers shining with condensations from her breath, sleek brown coat built for protection yet looks as aerodynamic and ready for speed as any other critter in the woods that morning. The fast paced thumping of your heart as she gets closer closes into 20 yards and puts her head down to eat a few acorns. Im looking forward to the familiar feel of the tension of the bow string through the leather shooting glove, that thump of the bowstring that is sweet music to any bowhunters ears. The yellow feathers disappearing in her rib cage as she goes end for end, flagging her retreat with a crimson trail that a blind guy could follow. The adrenaline rush of knowing what you have done yet the mixed emotions of knowing you have killed that majestic sight in the woods. I look forward to following that first blood trail of the year. Im looking forward to sharing the stories with all of my closest friends and sitting around the campfires watching back straps grilling on the grate above the fire, thinking how lucky I am to be in that place and dreaming of what the next morning will bring. Bring on huntin season