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It's here!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Tine Lock, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. It's here boys! This evening when I went out and saw 3 does and 3 bucks and one of them I called in was a shooter for sure but I couldn't get off a shot! My point is that about 3 min. in the stand and a small 8 point was running a doe hard. He was right on her tail. They ran for about a half an hour untill he lost her when she crossed a pond. The next few weeks are gonna be dynamite so dress up and go out!
  2. Anyone else seen much chasing yet?

  3. What's here?

    It is getting close, activity is picking up, but the rut (if that is what you are refering to) is not here yet. Two weeks and the rut will be kicking in hard. Still from now through the start of gun season, there is not a bad day to be in the woods.
  4. Rowdy


    Only chasing ive seen has been on sundays watching the Nextel Cup boys.
  5. yep... I've seen a solitary doe being dogged by a good size 8pt the past two weekends, so they are getting froggy... no shot ops yet
  6. i have heard of two different guys tell me they have seen young bucks chasing does the big boys are still just watching the fun until they get tired and they will take over around nov 6th
  7. Your right DEC it does sound like im referring to the rut when I said "its here". Didnt mean for it to sound like that though. I ment to mean Prime Time to Hunt is starting.
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  8. Saw a small eight chasing a doe..... not to exciting. Button bucks are still with the does.
  9. It is definately the best time of the year! I love the last week in October and the first couple weeks of November.