It's starting to heat up....

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  1. Braved the rain this morning and glad I did. Amids the sounds of rain drops pelting the forest floor, it was fairly calm so I decided to rattle a bit just after first light.

    Within 5 minutes of the sequence, I saw the outline of 2 deer coming across the set aside field in my direction, both at a mild jog. Too foggy to make out exactly their size, I readied my bow just in case. As it turns out, one was a spike and the other was a 4 point. They both got behind a walnet tree so I hit the grunt tube to pull them in a little closer. The 4 point came in on a string. Unable to find what was making the noise, both deer calmly hopped the fence to the south and into the hardwoods.

    About 30 minutes later I did another sequence....again same result. Within minutes of finishing I saw a deer "running" through the field toward me. This was a young 6ptr. He too worked behind the walnut tree and stepped out into my shooting lane. All of a sudden he flips his head around and is locked onto to something I can't quiet see, but I'm assuming it's another deer. Finally I can see another deers body, but can't make out if there's head gear. All of a sudden, I heard something I had seen on shows, but never personally in the wild.... the SNORT/WHEEZE. This deer coming after the little 6 pt was not happy. Finally got to where I could identify him. He was a big bodied 8 pointer....not real wide, but very massive and tall tined. His ears were pinned and the hair on his back was straight up. I tried hitting the grunt tube/ and the can call to pull him in, but he was content running the 6ptr off and into the woods! I hit the can call a few more times hoping he may circle back around to check out the noise...but no such luck.:(

    I'm tickeled as this is the first "legitimate" shooter in my book I have seen this year, either live or on my trail camera. But I am 100% confident these deer all came in to the crashing antlers this morning! Man this is fun!
  2. Wow! Thanks for the report. Try a buck decoy if you have one...that may do the trick on pulling that or another big boy in for a shot.

  3. My thoughts exactly.....I was in my stand kicking myself for not bringing out my Renzo buck decoy! It will DEFINITELY be out tomorrow morning! :biggrin:
  4. Awesome action. The first thing I thought of while reading that was ... BUCK DECOY. Man, I'm betting a buck decoy would have drawn him in.

    Once these bucks get a visual, this time of year, they often fully commit. That 6 pointer, he could see. Your grunting, he couldn't. He went with what he could see.

    Go get him tomorrow!

    I know I'm hunting with my Renzo buck tomorrow. According to the Weather Channel, the wind is going to be perfect for a thicket I've been seeing a lot of activity in and my stand for tomorrow is about 5 yards from an active scrape. Could be good. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. Good luck DEC....I'm psyched for tomorrow too. With the wind out of the west tomorrow, I'll be hunting the other side of the ridge which is where the deer from this morning jumped the fence.

    Between the wind, the buck decoy, and hopefully the same will be a deadly combination!
  6. A big buck is going to fall this weekend boys. Might not be under my stand (probably won't:rolleyes:), but a big buck is going to fall in Indiana this weekend for sure. Good luck to all going out there.
  7. OHHHHH YEAHHHHH!!! Let's go get 'em boys!!!
  8. Be careful out there fellas, 45 mph gusts in the forecast for tomorrow. I had planned on going, think i'll hold off until Sunday though.
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    Wont be by me, my wife works the next 2 weekends so i wont be back in my woods untill nov. 11th and 12th. :mad:
  10. im going to try m,ore rattleing and calling this year i need to learn more bout doing it though
  11. I went out for the first time Thur evening. Lots of rain. Really disappointing. I saw 2 buttons bucks and 2 doe. The only one in shooting range was one of the button bucks came 12 yds out 5 minutes after getting set up. Since this is my first year doe hunting(a misinformed buck only hunter for 12 years), I'd rather shoot a doe rather than a button buck anyday. Let him walk. I'll be back on Sunday. Forecast for NW In. looks great, especially after four days of rain and wind. They should be on the move. Good luck to all.
  12. A reliable source told me of witnessing an all out war between two HOSS bucks the other night. I guess they went at it for quite awhile. Two dominant bucks meeting for a little "discussion"??
  13. Has anyone ever had good results with a rattleing bag? I've used one several times, never had any reaction....or maybe I have , all negative reactions.
  14. I used it several times last year. I never got any action either. I will try again this year though. Maybe there were just no bucks within earshot when we rattled.
  15. The time is here guys. Saw 5 bucks today all were scent checking does. Saw mister big i got a photo of last year. He's every bit of a 170+ deer. He was dogging a doe at 75 yards. Moved my stand cant wait till the morning. Hunt all day now guys the big boy was out at 2:30 chasing that doe. Good luck