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its time

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by ice dude, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. went out on a quest this morning to find safe ice, and i found it. there was a guy on the channels at Snow lake. I went down and asked him how much was there, he told me that were he was standing it was about 3". he said that if he would move about 6' over from where he was it was only 2". I think that i will get out on the channels thursday if my buddy is up to it. If not it will be for sure on Saturday.
    Good luck and be safe on the early ice.
  2. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: On the Ice!!!!! But be careful! single digits the next coulple of nights! :)

  3. 2-3 inches seems thin to me. what's the minimum ice thickness to be considered safe?
  4. truthfully NO ICE is to be trusted... Now that I've said that I like to have between 4 & 5 to have that warm and fuzzy:bouncy:

    I saw a couple of guys out on the edges of Center lake yesterday it has about an inch and a half crust around the south west edge (where it was protected from the wind) the Ice was sagging and cracking, but they went out about 30 feet without getting wet, but I could see water filling their shoe prints as they walked back to shore.....:bonk:

    It won't be long now though with these single digits... Could be the first time we get on before Christmas (around here at least) in a while....

  5. I'm with Steelheader, I like 4" to feel nice and safe. I'll go out on 3" but only if I'm fairly certain that that's the average or the thinest is gets. If 3" is the thick stuff you gotta be crazy :coco: , have a big pair, or both to be scootin' around out there. I guess I'd rather be dry & comfy with no fish than swimming.

    Truly good ice will be here soon enough. Let's be careful and have some fun. I can't wait to see and post some pics from the ice this year.

  6. I agree 100 % - on early ice I'd spud ahead as I walked and listen to the "chunks"
  7. Its gonna be thick enough down here by the end of the week!
  8. I borrowed this chart from a friend. I think it gives a great perspective to what is safe ice. And as many have said, 4" is considered safe ice for an adult.
    -Dan- ;)

  9. There were guys out on the channels on Big Chapman today, but the Ice was sagging and very wet on top..

    I'm thinking Friday should be about right...
    I want out there as bad as anybody, but we need to be safe out there!

    "Live to fish another day!":bouncy:
  10. Went out today on Eagle Lake just across the border in Edwardsburg Mi. There was 3 inches in most places on the channel with a few places being around 2.5 inches.

    Caught tons of little bluegills and perch, kept a few gills enough for myself for a meal.

    Still wouldnt go much of anywhere right now without a spud. Be careful everyone and good luck!
  11. Just to add to all of our fevers, here is a picture of my son catching his first bluegill through the ice. The date was Jan. 25, 2003. He was 8 years old then.

    Note my portable ice shanty (also known as my portable deer blind. :lol:
    A double mantle Coleman lantern heats it very well. I use a 2' x 4' piece of plywood to keep our feet off the ice.
    -Dan- ;)

  12. I'd never thought of using one of my pop-up blinds for that, good idea.
  13. I never either, that is a great idea. I will definately give that a shot this year.
  14. Hey guys, for those wanting to use a portable blind on the ice.
    I take my Makita cordless drill with some 3 1/2" wood screws. I also made some 4" x 4" square washers. I put one screw thru the "washer" and thru the loop at each corner of the blind. I have found using a hammer and spikes cracks the ice and scares the heck out of me. Using the screws is much less of a shock to the ice (and to my heart).

    I use my kid's sled to haul our gear out on the ice. Be sure to take something to use for the floor, like a 2' x 4' piece of plywood or something. That way you & your feet are off the ice, and the other half of the floor area is your fishing area. When possible, I throw snow up along the outside walls around the bottom to seal out the wind. It never hurts to open one of the windows just a tad to be sure you don't get affixiated by the fumes. My brother had a close call one time because of this. Good thing he was a smoker. He tried lighting a cigarette and their was not enough oxygen in the air for the lighter to work. As soon as he opened the door all was well, lighter worked fine.

    Good luck, and let me know how it works out for you.
    -Dan- ;)