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J.B.and I

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by psychobubba, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. J.B. and I got out with our new rigs sleds and vexilars me in new ice armor .man that stuff is worth the money!!!I take back what I said on other post ? (over priced rain gear )



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  2. WOW, looks nice. But are you really gooding fishing?
  3. looks cold...
    any good luck??
  4. i think we got 45 gills i had 23 in my bucket not sure how many J.B. picked up he always gets more gills than me. i always pick up the bass eyes and perch?:help:
  5. The heck with the fish. Lets talk about all that equipment you got!!!!!
  6. Good deal Bubba. How much gear you got in that Jet Sled? Those auger holder's look darn nice too.
  7. Give us the lowdown on the power drill setup...please!
  8. I would like to know how many holes can you cut with that thing when there is 12" of ice?
  9. i can get about 30 to 40 holes (6" auger ) per battery. i take 3 battery's , home made hook up to auger keeps from falling off drill or in the hole when you get trough the ice

    every thing in sled from rubber roofing in the bottom to the auger holders custom fabricated by psychobubba
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  10. Can you give us a little bit better look at how it is mounted on there or describe?
  11. 30 to 40 holes sounds pretty nice. That would save the arms for sure.
  12. What is the drill's voltage? And I am assuming that it is a 1/2" drill? Is it a hammer drill as well? I wanna know!!!!!!! Just might be the ticket for me. God, I am getting old!!!!!
  13. Most of the drills used on ice augers are 18 V drills. There is acutally an attachment for the drill that you can buy to attach your auger. I'll see if I can find a link...