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J.L Scores!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Dean Weimer, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Famed bowhunter (and fisherman) James Lyon, of Fremont, Indiana, scores on a 130-Class Ten pointer in rural Steuben County this evening at 4:45. It was reported as a great night in which J.L was "covered up in bucks". This is the same buck that J.L saw on two separate occasions previously. When asked about his accomplishment, and what his next course of action would be, he emphatically stated "I'm goin' to Disney Land B(*&*H" !!!!!!!

    Congrats J.L.!!!!!!
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  2. Rock-on JL!!! Congrats,, I wanna see some pics........... CONGRATS!!

  3. Way to go! Lets see some pictures of the beast.
  4. Flat Out AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! :cool:

    You deserve this one JL!! Way to hold out! :coolgleam
  5. Great job JL. Glad to hear you got him. Congrates:bowdown:

    Persistence you found out. Let see them field pictures. Well when you get back from Disney Land that is.
  7. He looked 140" the last two times I saw him, but I think he'll be lucky to go 125". He's the nicest deer I've seen this year, and I feel fortunate to have taken him. I'll post a longer report tomorrow...much to do tonight. Enjoy the pics!



  8. Nice One there...How old shall he Be????? Hows that song go...."Pop a Top again"....Have one for me!!!!!!
  9. congrats JL!

    Congrats JL....nice buck.

  10. Way to go JL, congrats on a nice buck!!!
  11. You slipped up with a little smile/smurk in this pic:coolgleam :coolgleam :coolgleam Congrats,, nice 1!!!!!
  12. ah yes nicely done JL... now show them the bloody arrow and everyone will want to buy arrows off me cause they shoot so good and kill big bucks. Congrats man, its good to see.
  13. Congrats JL. Nice deer for sure. GO BLUE!
  14. seabee

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    Job well done my cyber friend!!!!!!!!!!