Jack Frost.....

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Anybody got any Frost Yet.....Lets hear it....when you get It!!!!!!
  2. Supposed to be tonight in spots :yikes: :)

  3. ditto here expecting him by tomorrow morning!!!!!
  4. Jack be nimble, jack be quick...please Jack come and kill all the skeeters QUICK!!!!!!
  5. I scraped windows this morning and had some on the roof of the car.
  6. I had to scrap my windows and had some on all the trucks and barns. That could only mean that deer season is on it's way.
  7. we had a little shot of it last night as well. Did anybody see the forcast for wisconsin and upper michigan for today? Hi's in the low 30's all week. How fricking cool is that. Makes you want to move doesnt it.
  8. Yes it does...I can picture myself moving to Minnesota for retirement...as long as a Ann-Margaret type lives right across the street....come on cold!!!!!:coco:
  9. Wisconsin for me. People there always treat you real nice and not only understand hunting, but embrace it. Good people up there, and not only that, few hunt morels. Many tell you where to find them.
  10. My fiances family owns a huge lake cottage in the UP i think retirement is calling my name up there. Its harsh in the winter but the spring through fall is amazing.
  11. Is this a Girls Gone Wild infomercial????
  12. Good Bye Ehd... Thats All I Can Say About Jack Frost