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Jammin Jigs

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Yesterday I saw the new jigs my brother ordered - a bunch of jigs from Jammin Jigs - great product at a low- low price 39 and 49 cents apiece

    40 jigs for $12

    They happen to be an Indiana Sportsman advertiser :)
  2. Those look nice, will have to keep them in mind if I ever need to order jigs.

  3. Hey, I used some on Saturday that looked like a few of those!!! They worked for me.
  4. I know this is off subject, but does anyone on here know Rival McBride?
  5. Yes, I know Rival quite well. In fact I used to enjoy his homemade wine when I was about your age. He and dad were fishing together on my pond this morning when I left for work. Dad and him have been friends since they were teenagers and dad taught him how to fly fish. I think before that he was just into boxing and getting into trouble. You know how those Garrett guys are. Speaking of that Weimers parents know Rival too, as does 410 of course. I could spend the day telling you about ways Rival has tried to kill himself over the years (a very danger prone guy, but luckily he only hurts himself in most instances). I used to skip school and go fishing with him during the week when the gills were on the beds because he was off work and dad had to go to work............great, great memories and one heck of a guy. My, I really could write a book on those times.
  6. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Jamming Jigs is a sponsor of ours. Please let them know you appreciate it.
  7. Awesome to hear that they are a sponsor here! They work fellas, tough to beat some of their prices too!
  8. My order just arrived in the mail today... didn't realize they were a sponsor. They have a great looking product, ship quick, and even sent me a few extra free neon glow jigs. I can't wait to try them out! I am particularly optimistic about the neon bobber fry. I just wish they made some jigs with hooks smaller than a #12.
  9. Brandon- You ready to go fishin???:)
  10. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Yeap a great sponsor and a great product.
  11. I ordered some last night from Piggyn's link- ready to try them out!!!
  12. I'm about to place an order as we speak!!

    I'm gonna tell my wife it's my duty as a member to support our sponsors!!

    If it weren't for this website she'd actually have to speak to me haha
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  13. They really are a good deal - about 1/2 the price of a normal tackle outlet. (Sorry Dean)
  14. Not much of an ice fisherman here...get out maybe twice a year. Would like to do more this year, and if I can help a sponsor in the process....great.

    Which Jammin Jigs would you avid hard water anglers recommend for a rookie? Colors? Styles? Sizes? Our pond holds mainly gills and a few crappie.

  15. Hit piggyn's link above and it will take you to a good jig.

    I'd get size 12's
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