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January Open Water

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by QuailDancer, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. 1-2-07
    I met up with the bluegill master 410 at Pike Lake yesterday after work. The goal was to land a couple of open water walleyes...we're not waiting on the ice to come.
    It was my first voyage on the "Green Machine" famous 'gill boat seen in all the top bluegill magazines with Bill on the cover.

    I'm not sure, but I believe I was the only one who's lost any bait from a nibble on this trip...however 410 did get the most unique catch of the day.

    After trolling for a spell along the south shore 410's crankbait struck hard and fast, the rod doubled over...410 deft athlete he may be, whirled easily in his aft swivel seat and slamed the trolling motor into reverse to close the distance on the beast. As though the battle with the raging fish weren't enough, my line somehow became one with the trolling motor. In a heroic effort, 410 hoists the trolling motor up, unwinds my entangled mono (thanks for dropping my jig to the bottom after that) then turns his attention back to his foe.

    The first thing that came over the side of the boat was 410's crankbait, followed by 1/4 mile of used fishing line...hand over hand he fought the beast, it's goolish appearance surpassed only by it's stench. Yes our man 410 is the only person I've ever seen in 4+ decades of fishing to ever catch someone elses fish basket.

    All bluegill and walleye were safe on this trip....hey, open water in January...we had fun!
  2. Was there anything in the basket???

  3. At least you maybe had a nibble Quail. I am not waiting for the ice anymore either. Heading to a nice little pond today to get some gills and see how the bass are feeding. Maybe scout some areas, just incase we get the hardstuff. I will give up waiting on it to come, its not going to stop me from fishing, but I still have hope.....:bowdown:
  4. The only thing in the basket was a big load of mud and stink!
  5. Quail after reading the start of this thread story. I know after my next fishing trip YOU and only you will have the right to the real story.
    Yes it is true, I just don't let any one into the green 12 semi V bottom gill slayer boat. Still even not landing a fish, but landing a stinking fish cage we still had a great trip. Lake to ourselves a few geese flying over and a nice little wind blowing us across the lake. I know Quail can't wait till spring to get back into the green gill slayer. The only thing is my JOB fishing is during the week and then I take the weekend off to fish with others on the site. Appointment will have to me made for the summer gill fishing. HA! Thanks Quail for a great fishing trip on Jan 2nd 2007 in YES open water. NO ICE
  6. I'm begining to realize why you had the lake to yourselves!
  7. Scott is that a carp in your picture?
  8. Got skunked tonight fishing for trout...:banghead3
  9. Trout, skunks, carp...mud and stink???? What the.....???!!!
  10. I blame El Nino.
  11. Don't one person say Global Warming...I'll open up a whole case of whoop a$$:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3
  12. Global Warming :cwm27: Where's Al Gore? :coco: Weather is cyclical, now granted the cycles may run in 100-1000 year periods or more. What melted the glaciers? Car and power plant emissions? :cwm27:

  13. WOO HOO!!!! GO TREE!!!!:bouncy:
  14. That my friend is a genuine muskie straight from the bowels of Webster lake. I know you haven't seen one before so I am not surprised at the question. I turned him loose in my pond so 410 would have a goal this summer.