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I was just introduced this site by a fellow QDM advocate. I am 53 years old and have deer hunted since I was 12 years old. I founded and am currently president of the Indiana Deer Hunters Association. I established the Indiana chapter of the Quality Deer Management Association and have been a long tome member of the Indiana Bowhunters Association. I also have owned bird dogs for years and belonged to the German Shorthair pointer club.

I have been active with legislation concerning sportsmen for over twenty years.

I am an avid deer hunter and average about 72 hunter days in Indiana alone! Ahh I forgot turkey!! I have been a long time member of the NWTF and I killed the longest beard turkey ever recorded for Indiana and number 10 all time for eastern birds with the [email protected] 16.6 inches!

My favorite weapon is the recurve bow, but I have shot compounds and will return again someday. I gun hunt for management purposes with a muzzleloader and have not shotgun hunted for over 20 day maybe.

I hunt mature bucks, I have been there done that got the badge on little bucks, no more! I will not hunt a draw hunt nor another State and kill less than a mature whitetail, unless it is injured and will not survive.

I hope I can add value and some insight to legislative and IDNR decision making to members.

Remember YOU and I own the wildlife, we pay for it, don't let others tell you what to do with it.
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