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Three guys are sitting in a boat on a lake fishing when they look up and see Jesus walking on the water, coming toward them. When He got to the boat, He stepped inside and sat down. The three guy stared at him in amazement.

Then the guy sitting at the back of the boat told Jesus that he suffered terribly from back pain and wanted to know if He could do anything for him. Jesus smiled, and without speaking, reached over and touched the man on the back. For the first time in years the man was without pain, and he told the other two how good he felt.

The guy at the front of the boat said he was hard of hearing. Jesus touched the man on the ear and he could hear again.

"This is great!" the guy said. "I can hear."

Jesus looked at the third man who was sitting beside Him. Suddenly the man threw his arms up defensively.

"Don't touch me!" he demanded. "I'm on a disability pension."
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