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Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by redbone, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. do any of u use the pursit jigs.what is ur fav. jig.
  2. hi redbone, ive never heard of the pursit jig. some of my favorite jigs are demons, fat boys, and some of the jamminjigs. those jigs will be amongst the first to be tied on. hopefully soon. ;) i like using jigs which are "horizontal", the hook sticks out to the side instead of hanging down, they have a lot more action when you jig them, they can really be made to come alive. i always tip my jigs with some kind of larvae. good luck!

  3. If we're talking ice fishing here, the Marmooska is my favorite.
  4. A couple of years back the guys from the Michigan Forum introduced me to Hali's man do they ever work! We were slaughtering the perch on Winona last year (for the three weeks we could get on it...) Any how, I have my box chauked full of them... The glow's work best for perch and gills.
  5. Ice jigs! I have way more than I'll ever use in my lifetime, but I always like to start with a hali. They work good. I've caught alot on marmooska's too like JL mentioned.I think on the ice it's like hunting& everything else, location location location. Where is Rico? He should chime in on this one. Any reports of ice yet:evilsmile
  6. i goofed up ..... these jigs are purest jigs made by custom jigs n spins. these babys are worth havin in your box.they do have a website.
  7. [​IMG]
    This is my fish-catchingest jig- Not hard to make
  8. The only ice here is in trays!!!!!! I am a Swedish Pimple guy and I also use what goggleye uses(cause he made them for me!) I am dying to try a homemade one that I got off an oldtimer. He calls it a silver buddy. I will agree with Mag on the location part, but presentation plays a big part as well.
  9. Swedish Pimples here too...they've always worked the best for me, tipped with a maggot.
  10. thanks redbone, ill have to give them a try. more jigs.:dizzy: ;)

    i like a lot of the custom jigs stuff, the finkee, ratso, shrimpo, etc. but ive never tried the purest.

    hey redbone can you offer any tips on the best way to use these jigs? they say dont tip them, i imagine white would be a good color? what kind of fish do you catch with them, mostly gills?
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  11. They sure look like they would work. I have had real good success with their demon jigs.
  12. i prefer the green one and black one. i fish them a couple different ways. sometimes by itself or tipped with a beemoth or spike. i also tie 2 of them on 6 or 8 in. apart like a crappie rig. ive caught many doubles this way. i use them for gills and crappie. well good luck out there this season guys. it wont be long till she freezes.
  13. thanks for the info. i always like to try something new. if you ever buy any jamminjigs give the "bobber fry" a try. gills love them. stocked trout too. tipped with a waxworm or acorn grubs.
  14. Ladies and Germs, the lakes are freezin. It's cominnnnnn!