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Jimmy Houston

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by treehugger, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. I started watching a Turkey Hunting show last night and the host started talking about the person he was going to hunt with. He stated how much of an outdoorsman his hunting partner was, how he was an ethical hunter and was a great ambassador for the outdoors, how he always had time to sign autographs and speak with other hunters / kids, he was more known for his big bass catching prowess, but was a true hunter and a great person to hunt with.....I ABOUT BARFED WHEN HE INTRODUCED JIMMY HOUSTON!!! :yikes: I would love to see Jimmy Houston at Indy putting on a seminar so I could yell out at him during his yuckity yuck and ask him about hunting in cages. WHAT A LOSER!!!
  2. Something tells me Jimmie is in no hurry to return to Indiana any time soon.

  3. i saw part of the same show last night also...when i saw it was jimmy i threw up in my mouth then got a huge chuckle when he missed...boy did he have excuse after excuse...guess not used to shooting at animals that aren't drugged and confined to small pens...
  4. Quail, you HAVE to scan the autographed Jimmy Houston and Dean photo!

    Funniest thing I've seen in a long time!
  5. i just changed the channel when i saw him. he looks perfect in that commercial in his clown suit.
  6. Same here when the words JIMMY HOUSTON came out of his mouth the channel was changed. He nothing but a jerk.
  7. what happened with jimmy houston in indy ?, i missed something
  8. Wasn't Indy, we're refering to his involvement in the Bellars hunting preserve incident.
  9. I don't have a scanner, but it said something about Dean playing with his jimmy, was hard to read that chicken scratch.
  10. :bash::bonk::coco::nono::rant:JIMMY HOUSTON:protest_e:evil::cheeky-sm:banghead3:mad:
    I think that explains it....

  11. Again, for the second day in a row I am misquoted. For those of you who don't know this....our old pal Bochephus, Hickory Nut, Rowdy, Gizmo (and only God knows who else) made a picture where he superimposed my picture over some schmucko's picture who had his arm around Jimmy "hey, I can't shoot a buck on T.V. legitimately, so let's drug the son-of-a-gun so I can get a kill for T.V. and put him in a tiny enclosure ensuring that I'll get my money shot because I sold out for $$$$ long ago" Houston as a joke over a year ago. Quail has asked for my autograph many times, so naturally I finally signed the damn thing for him.

    It read: "Quail, quit messing with me and my Jimmy, Dean"
  12. Looks pretty good hanging in the bathroom!
  13. You guys put out some great stuff, Its better than the Playboy channel, almost
  14. I agree with Treehugger. Hes a loser. I saw the same exact thing. I turned the channel...
  15. Where is that Jimmy Dean photo?? :evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile