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Jimmy Still Not Welcome In Indiana....

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Fish Hook, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. Fish Hook

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    Here is what Jimmy Houston said in his defense.
    First, I want to apologize to any hunter or non-hunter who has been personally hurt or damaged by my deer hunt at Bellars. The primary inference on the video produced by the National Wildlife Federation is that I shot or was hunting drugged deer and that I
    was doing it in a 3-6 acre pen.

    1. The Federal Drug Administration asked me for three packages of the meat to test for drugs. I had no idea what drugs they were testing for - I actually thought they might be looking for a steroid maybe used in raising big deer. They tested the meat and found no drugs. Then they asked me if I would give them the rest of the meat. I voluntarily did this and this meat was also tested. I specifically asked the FDA agent at the trial if any drugs were found in my meat and he told me NO-there was none. By the
    way, we had already eaten some of the meat and it was perfectly ok.

    2. I was not hunting in a 3-6 acre pen. We were hunting in a high-fenced area and the stand that they had me in was within 10 yards of a fence. This fence went over the hill and we could not see how far it went. As I testified in the trial, we went over the hill and never did reach the other end of the high fence. There is no way I could estimate the size of the area. It could be 50 acres, it could be 500 acres. The entire high fence area, as I was told was 1200 acres, but, yes, there were section fences. The fence that is seen on the video is the same fence we were beside. There is video shot in one direction and video shot in the other
    direction of the same fence. Bear in mind that the camera was in a different stand than the one I was in. I got in this tree stand at 7AM on this morning and shot the deer at 11:10. That is over 4 hours. It was 20 degrees.

    3. Russ Bellar did come out and check on us around 9:00AM. We saw several deer; we even saw a deer go under the fence. The buck I shot was a 6 ½ or 7 ½ year old buck and was chasing a doe. There were literally hundreds of deer on Bellars place. At the time, nothing seemed unusual other than it was really cold. I completely agree with all hunters about shooting drugged deer in pens. This is wrong. I share your same passion and have spent my entire life hunting and have worked diligently to promote,
    protect and preserve this great heritage.

    This puke head still makes me sick.
    Lets not EVER forget what he did.
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  2. Sounds like a guilty man trying to cover his ass. His action have spoken much louder than any of the words he can rewrite for his publicist. On another note he still thinks shooting animals in a high fence is hunting.

    "I was hunting in a high fence operation". Its not hunting you dildo... its shooting pets. Bottom line.

  3. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah...... Same crap different flavor!!! A bowl haircut and a girlie laugh make me sick.
  4. he called him a phallic object, phallic objects are always funny hahahah
  5. Poor I actually received a phone call from him not sure If i was on here at the time or not when all this came about. I sent several emails to his sponsors and one replied and asked for my phone number. He called me a couple of days later. I have it saved on my crashed hard drive...but lots. He said he was going to call back and never did. But I was impressed that he called in the first place.
  6. :mad: !!
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  7. Fish Hook

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    This one???

  8. That video made me sick. I'd like to string em all up by the nuts and shoot tranqulizers at them. Oh that is sickening...
  9. Bad deal...... nothing sporting about it. May his testicles be gnawed off by a badger with with really poor dental hygeine..........
  10. Im so appalled by this I placed it on This really got to me bad. Im mad and extremely mad. I want everyone to know about this jerk and all these other jerks. I cant call em what I want to call em on here... Sorry guys and gals Im angry. I showed the wife that video and I thinks shes madder than I am...
  11. I tell ya what boys......this is just plain sickness!! I have known for quite some time about what Jimmmy John the scumbag did but never watched the video in its entirity. Just plain sick!!!!!!!!! We should find everyone of those SOB's on the tape and revoke their privaleges for life. And I will tell ya something else, CWD is coming!!! There is a hundred and some odd cases in Illinois now. Its only a matter of time! You can thank a high fence operation in Wisconsin for it. This stuff needs to stop. Where have our hearts gone????? Most of these people on the Outdoor Channel are money hungry, do anything to get the shot sorta hunters. Its hard telling what happened before and after the editing. We need to make a stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so I have had a few beers but seriously, this stuff needs to stop......:help:
  12. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    Preach on my brotha.......