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John Schmucker's amazing non-typical...Deer

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. By Gordon Whittington

    [​IMG] John Schmucker's amazing non-typical, shot with a crossbow in Adams County, was one of the show-stoppers on display at the 2007 Ohio Deer & Turkey Expo.

    March 28, 2007 Update Anyone who thinks 2006 was a down year for trophy bucks won’t find too much evidence of it in Ohio.

    While walking around the Ohio Deer & Turkey Expo in Columbus last week, I saw plenty of monster bucks on display. Most noteworthy was the so-called “Amish” buck, shot by Adams County farmer John Schmucker with a crossbow last archery season. At an entry score of 291 2/8 Boone and Crockett points, this is the all-time No. 3 non-typical in Ohio history, and he figures to be recognized as the world’s all-time No. 2 whitetail by crossbow. If you thought this bruiser looked big on the January 2007 issue of North American Whitetail, you should see him "in person."

    Not surprisingly, John’s tremendous deer drew swarms of gawkers at the expo. But he so did a number of other giants. One of these was a massive non-typical on display in the booth of taxidermist Travis Millard. This southwestern Ohio buck had been found dead on a tree farm in 2006. Travis is working with NAW editor Duncan Dobie to put together a feature on this deer for our magazine.....more on link!!!!
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  2. Taxi work...

    Same Deer ....what do you think of the mount????




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  3. One incredible deer.:coolgleam:bowdown::coolgleam

    As for the taxidermy work, I'm not a fan of the mount, but that is just me. First, I don't care for wood plaques behind a mount, especially over exaggerated state ones. Takes away from the deer, IMO. Fine if that is what the guy wants, just not my thing is all.

    Second, I don't like the eyes. IMO, eyes make or break a mount. The type of eye and the sculpting around the eye are the difference in a good looking mount of a dead deer and a mount that looks like it is alive. Pictures make it tough to see such detail, but what I can see I don't like. I don't like seeing the white in the eye. A master taxidermist once told me that white in a deers eye generally means he is pissed ... real pissed. And even then only a very slight amount shows. On this buck, you can see white on the insides of both eyes. Looks like he's got a lazy eye or something. Just doesn't look right, IMO. But then again, photos are hard to judge taxi work.

    I'm no taxidermy expert, but I have spent money on bad work, adequate work, and AMAZING work. The main difference is in the eyes. Open tear ducts drive me nuts! Tear ducts in a live deer are closed 99% of the time, yet every taxidermist seems the need to spread them wide open. Also, for just a few dollars more, there are eyes that are actually shaped like a real deer eye, rather than just a glass dome. A deer's eye actually protrudes outward in a hump just above the mid point. These taxi eyes only cost a few dollars more, yet very very very few taxi's will spend the money on them even when requested. If I'm spending $400, what the heck is another $10 or $15?

    Eyes make or break a mount.

    I see a lot of crappy mounts and it churns my stomach every time I see one. Many are in the eyes.

    OK, off my taxidermist soap box.

    Outside of the board and the eyes, the mount looks good.

    Antlers are a little on the small side though ... :biggrin:
  4. awesome rack, bad mount. I agree 100% with the eyes, you should not see that much white, especially on the inside of both eyes. it makes the deer look silly, almost like Crazy Eyes off of Adam Sandler's Mr. Deeds. [​IMG]
    also the skull plate looks like it's sitting way too high on the head and the ears curl up . it looks like the taxidermist didn't get them turned all the way. i'm afraid i'd have to get the thing remounted with a new cape.
  5. I didn't even see the mount, I can't stop looking at the rack.Boy we are a bunch of critics are'nt we. I agree though,the eyes are a little off. It is like the deer is trying to look both directions at the same time. The cape looks fantastic. I love those early archery capes, all slick and short haired, no scars from fighting heavily yet.
  6. that is an amazing deer by any measure
    but nothing about that mount looks natural
    as previously stated i agree with the lazy eye assessment
    The second picture (in that string of three consecutive pics) it looks as though the deer is about to bat his eyes and blow a kiss.
    He looks "Doe Eyed"
    I also question the logic behind have the deer mounted on a detailed carving of the state of ohio...or any state for that matter. While the carving is a fine likeness of the "Great" state of ohio, putting it behind the deer takes away from the overall mount.
    Now that I'm done complaining...
    that is a stud...
  7. I don't like the eyes or the way that mount is leaning...looks drunk to me.
  8. An awesome buck, but it looks like it is ready to cry. Looks like it is saying "poor me". Should look like it's saying "kiss my azz".
  9. I don't really know enough about taxidermy to criticize the work. Looks o.k. to me, different. Maybe a taxidermist could chime in?
  10. I agree, don't like the eyes and the position of the mount in general. Don't like mounts on wall plaques either.

    HERE's one of the NICEST Mounts I've seen!
  11. :yeahthat:

    all hail "Double D"


    nice deer...
  12. If you look at the photo that has the right side of the deer in it(to us the viewer). The eye is looking to the deers left. If you look at the photo of the deer that has the left side of the deer in it the eye is looking to his right. So in turn it appears the eyeballs are looking out the sides in both directions. DEER DONT DO THAT. The nose looks crappy too. Too white nostrils looked flared up like he just did a line of blow or something. His snout appears to be elongated and when I look at the snout on this thing... I cant help but think back to the photo of a doe mount hanging on a wall at Nyona Lake. Sorry but thats what I see. I would have taken the mount from the Taxi asked him for a hacksaw and cut the antlers away from the manikin right in front of him. Went home and cancelled my checks to him and bought a cape for it. Then I would have taken it to brewers house and asked him where he got his mount done.
  13. Hey, look at that crazy loon trying to steal that big buck. Go away Bad Guy!!!!!!!!!:mad: