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July Fishing Report

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by HuntinIN, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Hit a creek with the ultralight this morning looking for smallmouth, ended up with this 11.5" crappie and the fattest 14" bass I've ever seen.
  2. Here is the bass. Also caught a little channel and the nicest pumpkinseed I've ever seen but couldn't get a pic, all on meps and roostertail spinners. Saw a mink, never seen one in Indiana before. Carp everywhere, they will get an arrow soon! Largemouth shaped like a smallmouth.

  3. I canoed Raccoon creek sunday and caught a few bass. The nicest was a 2lb small mouth. Im gonna go again today and will hopefully have better results, like a couple walleye.
  4. That is a spotted bass (not a largemouth) for sure, Eric, and a great one at that!
  5. Nice fish there Eric!! All kinds of goodies in that thar creek.
  6. Thanks for the ID, JL. Thought it looked like one.:cool: Man it was fun.
  7. Nice spot E!!!!!!! Fun fishin' them streams!
  8. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    redears are hitting good
  9. Yesterday I decided to get away from the in-laws and get a line wet. So standing on the end of a pier in the middle of the day on a VERY busy lake I decided what a GREAT:dizzy: time to fish. I was throwing a spinner bate not expecting to catch a thing. To my shock, about every 5th or 6th cast, I was catching bass. Nothing of any size, all dinks, but still fun and it kept me out of the house. Caught a nice gill too on that spinner. The hook was to big to get in his mouth, but when he hit it and I set the hook, I managed to snag him. He was a hog of a gill for that lake and I set him free to be caught another day on real tackle (my snoopy pole and bobber set up:biggrin:).
  10. Caught those dudes just down the road from us (you know the crick)! Only problem is it is a 0.5 mile hike to get to that hole!
  11. fished the big walnut creek last night with live minnows and crawdads. only ended up with 3 bass, but one was a 19" 3 lb smallie, and another was a 2.5 lb largemouth. then a 12 incher and a couple rock bass. the water was so low it was very stagnant and not many deep holes to fish in. wish i had my bow set up for bowfishing cause i could have done pretty well on the carp. probably seen around 100 carp.
  12. Took the kids out for a couple hour outing yesterday. We caught 3 smallies, 2 bass, 10 gills and 2 crappie all in all a great time. Oh yea, the little man threw his pole in the lake, by the time we got home the story was a whale of a fish pulled it in. A true fisherman in the making.[​IMG][​IMG][/IMG][​IMG]
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  13. Tree71'- you look like you had a pretty happy crowd with ya...... GOOD TIMES!