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June Fishing Report

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by JL, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. DEC and I went out with the fly rods tonight. We did okay, but had a blast! I lost an anchor in shallow water, and I had to go swimming for it. Forgot to take my wallet and cell phone out of my pocket...:banghead3 . Wallet will dry, but the cell is toast. Derek got a nice upgrade on his panfish tonight too.



  2. Nice fish guys!

    Diving with cell phones....sounds like something treehugger would do.:biggrin:
  3. Might I suggest refraining from indulging in the "Official measuring devices" until it's time for the fish to be measured?
  4. its not as nice as stallions mess the other day but it'll guys got the ratio all backwards haha
  5. Hey James, just take that battery off your phone and let it dry out a couple days and it should be ok. I dropped mine in some coolent for a lathe, and it was in there for about 3 min before I realized where it was. It started working again about a week later. Nice gills too.
  6. Got 14 friday morning before the wind picked up. All 8' to 9 1/2" most were redear, only 2 or 3 bluegills.
    Still a few carp around too........

  7. Caught another nice mess after supper today. Turned back 2 sub-14 bass and a 12" yellowbelly. They were biting with a vengance tonight!



    :fish: :fish: :fish:
  8. Nice mess Flintlocker! Makes me hungry...
  9. Went to Scooter Pond yesterday
    The bass were all over everything Trent through...they were a bit more selective when it came to my lures. We prolly hooked around 30 bass all together. Caught a bunch right in that 14" range. Little breeze, decent sun, good company...had a heck of a time all told. Thanks to scooter for letting us fish.

  10. Went out on Crooked this morn. Caught 11 bass. Biggest was 17" smallest was 14 1/2". Kept none. Didn't take any pics since my biggest wasn't as big as the I've checked in. Mann's Baby -1 early in the morning, it was a blast!
  11. What a weekend of fishing. To start off, JL put me on some nice gills and red ear. Fun times. Him swimming was pretty funny. After leaving JL, I made a late night drive to my buddy's place on Erie. I rolled in at about midnight, a couple beers later and a short nap and we were loading up for some walleye action. On Saturday, three of us boated 37 walleye, combination of trolling and casting. We never caught a fish under 20". The best being Todd's 31" MONSTER. I'm glad he hauled it in because I'd much rather see him have to pay the taxidermy bill than myself. We took our 18 keepers to the fish cleaning station where the monster eye was the hit. Everyone on Erie looked to have done good, but none had the overall quality of fish that we had. We've got a secret spot on Erie that we've fished for two weekends in a row that no one else was even around and it has been producing some monsters.

    Went out last night with my girls and they caught 8 nice gills and we threw a bunch of tiny ones back. They had a blast. Most fun I've had fishing in a long time and I never got a line wet, just kept baiting and pulling off fish.:coolgleam

    Here are some weekend pics.

    Some new babies.:coolgleam


    A nice eye that I caught 24" range. Sorry for the man boobs ... it was hot out.


    A HOG of a sheep head. This dude fought hard and was a blast to pull in. BBBAAAAAHHHHH ... here sheepy sheepy.


    Todd's 31" monster. The walleye of a lifetime.


    Sunday night fun. Two very happy little girls.:coolgleam

  12. I guess you had a good birthday! Nice pics, thanks for sharing!
  13. good lookin fish derek

    pig tell you to take your shirt off?? haha

    those girls had a decent trip eh?? thats awesome...
  14. Great pics guys! Looks like a good weekend was had by all.