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Just Checking In

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by bluegillman, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. I am just checking in. My younger brother is goggleye57, moderator on the ice fishing forum. I will tyr to keep hin honest. I am the one who went sdwimming on first ice. It is not fun and very expensive. It is the first time I went through in 50 years of ice fishing. Looking forwar to the site. Ron
  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Ron, welcome to the site.


  3. Welcome to the forum, Ron.
  4. Welcome, Ron. Nice to have you with us.
  5. Welcome! Glad you didn't drown.
  6. Welcome to the forum!
  7. I'm glad too - a funeral would have taken away from my fishing time! ;) :)