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Just passed treehugger

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by JL, May 10, 2007.

  1. I never thought it would happen, but with this post, I have surpassed Randy in number of posts. Perhaps it's because Randy has exhibited restraint and discretion after becoming mod, and I have not...:tongue: More likely though, it is due to the fact that two members (who shall remain nameless, but they are on the same team in the ISSC) have provoked me into some written altercations. To those two, I say :cheeky-sm In 2,696 posts, I feel that I have offered a great deal of idle chatter and misinformation, and I am very proud of that!
  2. You and your grandpa are within my sights, Deano!

  3. JL ... :bowdown:

    And I was so proud of the 1000 mark. You sir are one hunting forum JUNKIE.
  4. Nobody...and I mean NOBODY!!!! messes with my Grandpa.........:mad: !!!!!

    Me and Quail are tight...right Birdbrains??

    And just for your information, James, noone has posted more ignorant, non informative crap than me.........well, that is, now that the rifle chat has dissappeared.

    Amazing as how some have seemingly vanished from the face of the earth.
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  5. James,

    I refer you to your last post in the turkey check in thread.
  6. Here it goes JL another innocent thread getting ready to turn bad thanks to Dean. Let the games begin.
  7. Its a dirty job, but somebodies got to do it, Right Deano?
    Heres your chance to give us some more smack.
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  8. Oh ya...well...
    I just hit 800 posts
    and i still haven't checked a scoring critter for that contest
    only 1800 posts till I catch you JL...don't slack!!!

  9. Oh, really......!!!!!??????

  10. Zip it....:mad:
  11. Zip it.....:mad:
  12. gulp:yikes:
  13. pretty much done with you weimer...:mad:

  14. Was it something I said........??????????:confused:
  15. Congrats JL...I think. Letting my mind draft back I can remember the days when there were threads posted that actually had great hunting and fishing information included in them. People got along and we didn't even know there were moderators because they never had to delete any posts or ban those that had 25 different names. The chat room was civil and for several weeks only me and Tanker would be in there chatting...what ever happened to Tanker anyway...gosh, I hope he wasn't Bocephus too. The word got out and the place has exploded. Do I long for the good old days...heck no!...this place ROCKS!!! You've come a long way JL...never thought you'd pass me but it has in your sights is Quail and Deano...maybe as moderators you and I can team up and get them banned until we both pass them up. :cwm27: Can you imagine the drivvle they would post to try to catch up? :help: