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keep 'em coming

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keep those "ice reports" coming...there are a few of us here down south that crave the hardwater:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: interested in a trip up north sat or sun:evilsmile
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I couldn't fish today but as I drove home from Angola they were fishing Silver, Appleman and Loon lakes:)

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Clear was "Rock Solid"

Fished Clear Lake yesterday, Tuesday, & it was perfect yet - 10+" of ice & it also had a 2-3" cover of snow. Edges had also refrozen so there was no problem there. I can't believe it will be gone by the weekend. By the way, fishing wasn't so hot in the AM. Only brought home 10 perch, but a buddie stayed & fish actually became more active in afternoon. Bluegill fishermen also had slow AM bite.
is it gonna be gone by the week-end? was 50 degrees in indy today. i really wanted to get one last "ice" adventure in!!! i thought the weather report looked good for keeping her, just keep me updated...maybe i should get the tarp off the boat? is mushroom season...hold on ice....hold on ice...hold on ice:banghead3 :banghead3 :fish: :fish:
Ice update

I haven't been able to fish all week, but I drove over to Appleman Lake this evening and it looked like the ice was good, there were several guys out there fishing, if it is ok i'd bet many others are still good, you might throw a plank in the truck to get on. Loon lake looked good just a couple of days ago, I heard they were still fishing the Cain basin at Sylvan (where Gene Stratton Porter Memorial is at). I'm on Spring break next week, I don't have any money to go to Florida this year, my daughter spent it all in Europe studying the german language and I think beer:help: .... so I will probably try to fish next week too- if I have too I may have to drive North of that Michigan state line. Maybe Higgins Lake. I will check around and see whats going on to post Friday night.:)

my hopes are back up! still got the equipment out. i saw a farmer planting a field yesterday around greenfield, that really brought me down. i will check back tonite after work...thanks goggleye.
Still there...But!

Called a local that fishes the NE corner regularly because I knew he had gone up yesterday. He fished Clear and his report - Loads of ice! The snow pack that was on top melted down & refroze "to boot." Wasn't even slush. A three-wheeler also ran all over the lake. He plans on hitting the ice all next week yet, saying that even with warming, ice is going to be there! Problem with what I see for tomorrow is Weather Channel for Fremont is calling for 80% chance of rain including possible thunder & up to a 1/4" of rain. Besides the wind will be brisk out of the E / SE. By the way, his catch report - Went for gills & caught "big boys", 1st starting well late morning & then even had slab crappie come through & hit!
Drove past Cree Lake, just North of Kendallville, about 6:45 this Morning. Ice looked good, shoreline hadn't melted but no-one fishing.
would like to get that way, but...i too saw the weather report...long drive...too "iffy" for me...i appreciate the info though and best of luck to ya...and for God's sake be up the equipment in the morn.....:bonk:
saw 2 ponds today on the way to Ft. Wayne completely open. Goggleyes..neighbor says ice isnt fit for fishing out here at Cree. Just FYI. Guys are getting them on sylvan (cane) from as soon as u can see to 7:10 not a mintue after. Man i had lunch with today had 32 in that time period all over 7 1/2". Just thought id let ya know! C'MOOOOONNNN spring!!! i can hear the fly rod whippin, and the mushrooms poppin now!
According to reports I have from friends who fished from boats yesterday Webster may be almost completely open by sunday or monday, tippy is about 1/3 open, enough to get a boat out... barbee chain has various open water but no ramps open yet.
east end of Tippy open

I was at grassy creek where it dumps into Tippy lake. I'm guessing 200 acres open water. West end at Oswego is about 1/3 of lake is iced...edges rotten.
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