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Keith - Here is where to Find them!

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i only found a pair under that tree last year..musta got there after you :biggrin: :bowdown:

I am gonna go up there a couple times this yera...pry start at Newaygo. My last outing will be up to Kalkasa, Jordan River. Might just follow u up there :cool:
OK - Try the trout fishing in the Jordan while you are up there. One of the more beautiful areas of the Lower Peninsula.:)
If i got time to fish..i got time to pick more mushrooms somewhere up there. Fishing is boring. I do it in the spring for gills and crappies just to fill the freezer. I fish for 2 weeks and have enough to keep me occupied all year long. Got me a decent spot ;)
Evidently. Hey if you ever need to unburden yourself of the heavy weight of those spots, we are all ears.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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