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Kentucky and the One Buck Rule.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. I find David Yancy's comments about the One Buck Rule interesting and wonder why our DNR isn't interested in the One Buck Rule.

    "........ we have also taken a very big step in order to produce an older buck age structure in Kentucky. During the 1989 through 1991 Deer Seasons, we phased-in a one antlered deer per hunter per year limit on private land. Before this regulation change, about 78% of the antlered bucks taken on private land in Kentucky were 1.5 years-old, 17% were 2.5, and 5% were 3.5 or older. Now, 58% are 1.5, 29% are 2.5, and 13% are 3.5 or older. This is significant because research shows that bucks don't achieve maximum antler growth until they are 5.5, 6.5, or 7.5 years-old. Before the one-buck limit in Kentucky, only one buck in twenty had a chance to live long enough to reach record book size. Now, one in every eight bucks attains the age required to produce record book antlers.

    From 1991-2000, only Illinois and Saskatchewan produced more Boone & Crockett Record Book deer per square mile of deer habitat than Kentucky. Furthermore, in each of the last several deer seasons in Kentucky, we've harvested 15 to 30 Three-year (and 8 to 10 All-time) Record Book Deer."

    David C. Yancy Senior Wildlife Biologist
    Deer/Elk Section, Forest Wildlife Program
    KY Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources
    # 1 Game Farm Road
    Frankfort, KY 40601

    I also find it very interesting how Kentucky doesn't have the quaility soils that we have here in Indiana.
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  2. I posted this yesterday during the early afternoon. It's been up for a whole day and noone will touch it. What gives??????????

  4. my guess would be the difference in theories and opinions on qdm of the dnr versus ky. dept. of fish and wildlife. after all they set the seasons, and bag limits, and regulations for their individual state. there i know you have to have a state hunting liscense to get a deer tag but unless it's changed it's good for all weapons untill filled as here you have to have a tag for each individual weapon but don't have to buy a regular hunting liscense. why it's like that i don't know. but there seems to be a lot of differences in the way they want to manage their deer.
  5. Dean........

    You know you can't comment on modern science and hunter attitudes, it wont allow for the anti OBR crowd to spew false truths.

    Kentucky....... a State where its DNR is proud of trying to provide a different age class..

    Deer Demon(CNS) or a clone woill come here and say..........

    "Kentucky hunters could kill two deer prior to the OBR with any weapon, gun or bow"

    Guess what fellas................... Dead deer don't grow older and they could give a rats butt what weapon killed them!
  6. ky's obr has been implemented for awhile now and really stands out. i mean shines like a new pair of shoes. indiana's is not even 5 yrs. old yet and the evidence is overwhelming that the obr works. 5 more yrs. and nobody will even listen to the obr anti's.
  7. Why do you think they are yelling so loud to be heard? They know if they do not get it stopped or that INSANE three year two buck trial they have no other option....

    You are correct five years more and "two buck limit" would be the dinasour it should be......DEAD and buried!
  8. Ohio has been one buck only forever. Based on our ever increasing deer herd, now estimated at over 800 thousand, the DNR has made extra doe tags much more liberal. Many counties are up to 3 deer limits where only 1 can be a buck and/or all 3 can be does. They also added Urban doe tags quite a few years back where you can currently take up to 4 extra does in Urban counties at a greatly reduced tag fee. I think it has helped the quality of the deer herd as evidenced by some of the true monster bucks that have been killed in the last few years but you also have to consider and/or add the fact that Ohio's gun season isn't until after the rut is over. Ohio is bow season only during rut and has maintained that as well for many years. I think the bow only during rut alows for a lot of semi-older/wiser bucks to mature to real trophy potential.

  9. Can I get a Hell Yeah for brother Big Foot???
  10. Hell yeah,

    although one should point out that while the firearm season is post rut in Ohio they allow crossbows in the regular archery season and there are a higher number of crossbow hunters than there are vertical bow hunters in Ohio.

    Note to Indiana, if you want to maximize the positive impact that OBR is having on your archery season legalize crossbows for the early archery season.

  11. hellllllllllll yea !!
  12. Does Michigan allow crossbows in their regular archery seasons?
  13. before you move to crossbows in early archery...

    I had a conversation this past week with IDNR representative and was told.......... "Dr Mitchell believes that as long as we maintain our current deer harvest the herd will not grow and may even drop slightly......"

    Seems the OBR along with the current antlerless permits are doing the job.

    Now Deerdeemon/CutNShoot/Woody, please post that we are in need of a second buck tag to get people to kill more does....

    What was that song by Sting............. "Every move you make"........LMAO!!

    I love it as the story keeps changing.........:help: <<<<<<<<<< I need more graphs ......:coco:
  14. Nope, just during regular firearm season. It's a hotly contested topic in Michigan. Michigan also has about 250,000 bow hunters so it might have a little bit bigger impact in Michigan than in Indiana. There are about 8 or 9 states that allow unrestricted use of crossbows.
  15. Yeah, the crossbow thing was a big issue when they 1st legalized it in Ohio but now that it's been in place so long and not had the significant impact that some thought it would, it really isn't an issue any more. The gun hunters kill over 6 times more deer in 7 days than either the bow hunters or x-bow hunters do during a 4 month bow season so it really doesn't rate a discussion. I'm primarily a compound bow hunter (24 deer with a bow) but I have killed 1 deer with a crossbow, 8 with a shotgun/slugs & 2 with a muzzleloader. They all were hunts to remember! Besides taking the occasional big buck, I especially love killing big does & yeah, I am getting to be an old fart...










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