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Kentucky Gobbler

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by HuntinIN, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. Here is a pic of my gobbler from Saturday morning 4-21 with a little buddy of mine.
  2. Good lord!!!! lets hear the sizes....please!!!! weight ,Beard length, spur length....

  3. He was 21lb, 1 1/4" and 1 1/8" spurs, and only had 4" of his beard left due to either mites or being frozen off (what was left was thicker than any bird I have gotten and had a lot of gray hairs). Walked up to the ridge top (200') and hiked a 1/4 mile to where he was gobbling at first light. He was down on the ridge and gobbling at sunrise. Threw him some soft putts, purrs, and yelps and got his attention. Moved on him once he hung up and his hen left him. Watched him mosey my way for 15 minutes and drum, gobble and strut. Truly an awesome sight, then let him have it. I have been trying to kill one of these old toms off of this ridge for 5 years. His spurs are really thick and don't look like a typical long spur, but they curl at the ends. He was the boss of the 5 or so toms on my ridge. Heard maybe 10 or so different gobblers in the hills and hollers for the first hour of light. Taken off a ridge top in Turkey Neck Bend, Monroe Co., Kentucky. Pic of the call I was using.
  4. Nice bird, Eric! Oh, baby...points for the good guys! (sportsman challenge points, not turkey challenge points) How many flippin' contests are there here?
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  5. Looks to be a 52.75 point bird to me...

    Good stuff Eric.
  6. Way to go Eric!!! Congrats! You da' birdman.
  7. Best lookin' Turkey I've seen for awhile....and the bird is nice too. Way to go Eric. Great job!!!
  8. Nice bird there bud! I like the call too! That boy is a hoss!!!!!! Big congrats to ya.

  9. Nice job! Cool to see a member's call being used too.:coolgleam

    Good mature bird.

    I took a drive this morning and they were strutting in several fields.:coolgleam