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  1. OIS, other range rats, I was at the range yesterday with the muzzleloader. I loaded my trusted 300g hornady xtp with 90g 777 2F loose. I have only read about the term but I think they were key holes. Can anyone tell me what causes this? The temps were already in the 70s in early morning and humidy has been climbing lately. This is my standby load and has never happened before.....any thoughts?
  2. Sorry. Sabots in Muzzies is somthing I've never gotten into.

    Keyholing is caused by the bulled destabilizing in flight and tumbling. The "keyhole" comes from the bullet hitting the paper sideways.

    You could check to see if your bore is plastic-fouled or have some other condition that would keep the sabot from spinning the bullet. If that xtp is coming out without proper spin, it's going to tumble. But that's about all I can think of in this situation.

  3. oldrookie... A buddy of mine got one of those new Savage muzzies a couple of years ago that shoots smokeless powder. He also was shooting keyholes with a brand new gun. Just prior to him wrapping the new gun around a tree, he found out that the gun shop had given him the right bullets, but wrong sabots. After the switch, it was perfect. Might be an idea.
  4. Thanks for the tip on the sabots. I was reading on another thread someone having the same problem. He gave the barrel a good cleaning and it corrected it for now. I had shot the day before without a good cleaning between rounds. I had swabbed it with windex. I have since given it a good hot water bath and good old JB paste. I will get out thursday this week and see what happens.

    I hope its not the sabots....I switched to harvester crushed and just love em!
  5. oldrookie... did you ever get this problem remedied... just curious
  6. key hole

    I gave the barrel a good cleaning and also made sure I had solid backing behind my paper target. One or the other fixed I didn't think about the target backing until someone else pm'd me. They put up a target on a pretty beat up frame and some of the backing was gone. Paper target would tear and not make a clean hole.

    It could be possible that with the barrel not being cleaned there could have been day old fouling that caused it as well. Haven't had issue sense.

    You getting out and shooting much?
  7. My buddy mentioned his keyhole issue last night, which made me wonder about yours.

    Haven't shot at all this year. It's about time to start... with 90 days till bow season. Can't interrupt bow season just to sight in a gun... LOL

    My muzzleloader hasn't been messed with since last year.... so it'll be fine... but I'll still run some rounds thru it for practice of the process.

    Slug gun has to be resighted in after switching barrels from turkey season. I also just scoped my son's .410. The bead always covered up too much of the target. He's excited about shooting it.
  8. 4th of July and big bangs!!

    I have a rare day off, so I'll be starting my daughter out shooting this Wed.!!! She and I are both looking forward to this, and I'm hoping she likes shooting the M/L. I'd rather have her use that this season over the .410 or 20g. Wish us luck, hoping to give rise to a new hunter here. She's been out shooting her .22 and loves doing that, so I'm sure she'll do just fine with the shotgun and M/L this week.
  9. hey Quail.....not sure what your normal load is but load up 50-60g of loose powder if you have it and 200g bullet. That will get her used to the boom and won't kick. Build the load from there. Have fun shooting and enjoy the 4th!
  10. Thank you Rook.....not sure why, but I hadn't thought about that. Sounds like a great idea to me.
  11. Not sure how many rounds you plan to shoot....but pick up some cheap ear plugs. I've made that mistake before.:bonk:
  12. We did that tonight!
  13. Quail, the load I use for my daughter's .50 muzzleloader is a single 50 gr. 777 pellet and a 185 gr lead sabotted bullet. Produces a light kick and patterns great out beyond 40 yards or so. I'd start somewhere around there or similar to what Oldrookie said. I tried 60 gr. of loose powder last year and it was a little much for her then. Might try it as well this year as she settles in on what gun she wants to use. Good luck!
  14. Thanks DEC and Rookie, I think this will help a lot! I'll let you know how the range time goes on Wed.
  15. My son shot my ML one time last year and was over it. I never really thought about reducing the charge either. He shot 100 grains with a 240 grain bullet...?!?!? I wonder how low of a charge you can go to, and still be safe and practical for deer hunting...??? My son currently despises muzzleloaders as he hunted with my 50cal last year. I forgot to run a couple of caps through it before loading it. It misfired on him on a nice eight pointer at 20 yards or so. It would have been an awesome first deer for him... probably as nice as the nicest one I have taken. He still blames me every time the story comes up in conversation, and I still feel as bad about it 8 months later.

    If he doesn't harvest a deer in youth season, I may take his youth model .410 in firearms season just to see how effective it is.