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Kill Whitey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Shane Silver shot a 99.9% white piebald 1.5 year old buck last evening in Noble County. This is the buck that he got the video footage of fighting in velvet (with another young buck in velvet) towards the end of August. The theme all summer has been "Kill Whitey!!!" (think Pulp Fiction). Well, he arrowed him. I'll post a pic. as soon as I get one from Shane. For those of you who may think this name sounds familiar?? Shane is the hunter that killed the largest N.T. by muzzleloader for that year on the second day of firearms season two years ago. His article was in Indiana Game and Fish two falls ago.

    Thanks to one crazed lunitic birdbrain for calling me to let me know this morning. Oh, and BTW....The Quailman scored on a doe this morning too. The endtimes are getting nearer and nearer.......
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  2. What a deer!!!

    Shanes one guy that has managed to kill TWO deer of a lifetime, all in a 3 year period. This was one beautiful buck, up to now I'd only seen piebalds in photos.
    I did tease Shane for the basket 6 rack, told him it would have been a nice deer if he'd had let him go another year or two....never seen so many shotguns pointed at me before, those guys are fast on the draw.

    Looking forward to Dean posting a photo of this deer, you guys will all be saying....Wow! By the way, I hunt only a short 2 miles from where this White Freak was taken....It could have be me :bonk: .

    Congradulations to Shane.

  3. Where exactly do you hunt Birdman??????????:rolleyes:
  4. I hunt right on the corner of.................Oh shoot, you almost got me.

    Ha, won't be that easy Weimer!
  5. NO...there weren't any open this past weekend.
  6. Yes, I was able to see it, afterwards I called Dean to tell him about it. Very amazing deer to see.
  7. Are you a "Dean informant" or just a "Dean groupie"?
  8. I was wondering if there was a finders fee for story leads. Should at least get a Mrs Doe Pee hat out of this deal.
  9. I Would Love To Have Those On My He Is Lucky.
  10. Fingers crossed, we may see a photo of this deer posted by tomorrow....inside sources tell me.
  11. Where's the Photo??? I hope Shane didn't set it on the workbench, it may never be seen again :yikes: .
  12. Whitey

    Dean sent me this last night...


    There's another (smaller) picture in the photo gallery.
  13. I can't re-size the picture. Not only does the quality suffer, but for some reason when I try to make it bigger, it still comes out small.
  14. medications

    They have medications for that James!