Killing a few

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Jrbhunter, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Our warm winter has made the predator calling pretty hit or miss all season long, but finally these recent cold snaps have firmed up some good numbers. Gotta love a bloody tailgate;


  2. Now that is a pile of dogs!:bowdown:
  3. Now THAT is a tailgate photo! Keep busting those yotes.....
  4. Is that a Red Fox i see.......?
    Great job!!!!!
  5. You really know how to get it done don't ya. Nice pic.
  6. Nice!! What calls are you having the most success with Jrbhunter. I went Sat and was using a rabbit in distress. Then switched to coyote pups in distress and not even 1 min later had one about 20 yrds away. He came in up wind which kind of threw me off, and I couldn't close the deal. The guy that lives in the house on that property saw a couple breeding last week. Good luck the rest of the year
  7. I pretty much use the same sounds, prey distress and pup distress along with some howls. It's as much about setup as anything; keep after em'
  8. good grief no wonder i cant kill any you dog hog haha
    good looking pic
  9. Ha, CJ you have plenty of coyotes up that way... not an untapped resource I'm sure but at least I haven't been hitting them!

    The sad part about that pic is the value of the fur shown there. A few of those animals, including the fox, were taken during the bitterly cold IPC weekend. The rest were taken immediately after the hunt while single digit temps prevailed. Between rubs and exit wounds we had only four coyotes worth selling... bringing a whopping $20.

    One of those coyotes had a leg broken off backwards- very interesting break... knee all rubbed off from usage while walking and long toenails and hair on the feet. We also managed to lose a few coyotes to poor shot placement- and as always missed one or two... so I'm still saying "Should've - Could've - Would've" after a little success.
  10. Wow good job. Maybe you could be on our team come March 1st
  11. Whattaya talking about 410?