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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by treehugger, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Hey guys....a shout here for our friend Dustin, a.k.a. trdtnlbwhntr. Dustin built a knife for me recently and I want to say he does an outstanding job with his workmanship. I wish I could post a picture of it. The wood is marble maple with a section of deer antler incorporated into the handle. The antler section came from the buck I killed with my bow last season. The knife has the sharpest blade I have EVER seen on a knife. The thing fits my hand like it is was made for it. This thing will last me for the rest of my days and whoever inherits it after I'm gone. If you are in the market for a high quality knife with some uniqueness to it, I highly recommend hooking up with Dustin and letting him design one for you. He's working on a lamp for me now with a buck antler incorporated into it. Can't wait to see it!!!
  2. Thanks Tree....
    The wood is actually just marble wood. No relation to the maple family. I do know that its a South American wood, thats about it. When you get a chance stick some photos of that baby up. I forgot to take a few pics of it. Take care and thanks again. Ill get that lamp finished after I get this next knife out of the way. Its on its way Al.

  3. dustin what kind of prices are you putting on those knifes???
  4. it all depends on what kind of wood you want in the handle. Roughly speaking they are in the 90-110 range. I have done one for a little more than that, but it had pearl in the handle. So it was a little more expensive. I have a few extra blades around the house and am looking to move them once I get this other one done. Marble wood is no longer an option for knife handles sorry fellas.
  5. Ive got some tulip wood and a fillet blade that I really want to use together. If you are looking for something like that then let me know. Tulip wood and cocobola is what Im thinking for that thing. I think it should look sharp. I have some work to get done before I start taking orders again but I definately have the materials.
  6. That's something I could be talked into easy! Maybe you could pencil me in when you're ready to take more orders. We've seen some of your work, you do a great job on those.
  7. Thanks for clarifying...I always get that wrong.
  8. send me the pic and I can post it for ya if ya want
  9. seabee

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    I got to see randys knife, turned out real nice, Is there any way we could maybe get one with a guthook?
  10. Yes sir. I have two of those blades at my house right now. I gaurantee these blades to be the sharpest blades you have ever dealt with. And by far the easiest to sharpen. I would put them up against BUCK steel any day of the week. I think tree can attest to this also. I guess i need to get that belt sander a little ahead of schedule to get busy here if you guys are going to want knives also. Hmmm i smell shopping trip. yippy...
  11. I finally found my Camera/PC cord so I can post pics again. Funny how that thing ended up in my kids electronics stuff but they knew nothing about it all this time. Here's a couple of pics of the knife Dustin made for me a while back.


  12. Cool... thanks for posting the pics finally Tree. I appreciate it.
  13. Looks great, Randy. Nice work on the knife, Dustin.