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Knight Disc Extreme 50cal.???

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by ihunt2liv, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Hello,
    I have had this gun for two years now. I'm still looking for the load that it likes. I would appreciate any suggestions that Knight owners have found for their load combinations. Here's what I have been shooting in the past.
    100gr. 777 240gr. Sierra semi-jacketed with Knight sabot. 209 winchester primers
    I'm just not getting the groups that I want. The gun is scoped with Leupold 4x9 32mm. I've tried different primers and powder loads with loose and pellets. I always shoot off of a bench with shooting bags. This is my third Knight the others were both Legends with the regular ignition system. They always shot good groups. After two years I'm getting frustrated.
    Also on a side note what's your opinion on a 150gr. load with 777 pellets. You always hear that anything over 90-100gr. won't ignite completely. I can understand this with loose powder but what about the pellets. They have a hole though them. You would think that this would allow for instataneous ignition of the full load as opposed to the loose powder with only a base ignition.
    I know lots of thoughts and questions but I've got to get this thing dialed in!!!
  2. I have the identical rifle. The load reccoemended by the factory is 3-777pellets behind a 245grain Spitzer Boattail bullet. Using that I have 1.5 inch groups at 150 yards.

  3. muzzleloaders

    Switch to an Encore.
  4. Try Percision Bullets deadcenters in 220 gr. and 2-50 gr. 777 workgreat in my knights
  5. I have a Knight Wolverine that i use 90 grains of pyrodex RS with 245 grain .44 caliber hornaday jacketed hollow point. I get about 1 inch groups at 100 yards with it. Scoped with a tasco 3-9x32mm
  6. Some loads you may wish to try that have shot well for me.

    90 gr Pyrodex RS 260 gr Knight jacketed bullet
    100 gr Pyrodex RS 250 gr Barnes MZ
    100 Gr. Prodex 245 Gr. Powerbelt
    100 gr Pyrodex Pellets 250 gr Barnes MZ
    100 gr FFG Triple Seven 250 gr. Barnes MZ
    100 gr. FFG Triple Seven 260 gr Winchester Platinum Tip
    100 gr. FFG Triple Seven 250 Gr. Shockwave
    70 Gr FFG Triple Seven 444 Gr Pure lead Powerbelt
    70 Gr. FFG Triple Seven 295 Gr Powerbelt

    I've shot more loads out of Knight Rifles but these are all I can remember offhand. The underlined load is my current load.