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Knock Off Broadheads and Brookville Lake

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by bonecollector14, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. So there is a huge debate going on facebook right now about how Knock Off broadheads don't work. I am one against the price of Rage Broadheads 3 for 39.99 or 49.99. Well I have bought 24 for what I think $13.00 from Ebay. I have shot and killed 2 deer and dusted it off and put it right back in the quiver. I know it hurts retail sales well nobody except the folks who have them sent to them want to spend that. Also for all you wandering where to hunt. Brookville I'm telling you its magical and just tons of deer there. Get a topo Find you a corn or bean field and set up off the corner of one in the evening and morning I bet you see deer. The Rut is coming so you know its about to get wild in the hardwoods. Everyone talking about Gun Laws just go get a compound or crossbow or hell even the air bow and the debate is over.
  2. Funny. Was watching YouTube vids about the rage hypodermic knockoffs.
    Seemed to work perfectly.

  3. Yep I bought regular Rage Heads and a buddy gave me some Hypodermics that one of them went through my doe yesterday like cheese.
  4. It's amazing what a little marketing will do. There's a guy on Instagram that has had a lawsuit filed against him for telling people how to make knock off ozone scent control totes.
  5. Knock offs..........wonder if made by the brother of the guy building them for the name brand.
    Is it just a direct copy or are they using materials that are lesser, or stuff that is outside of the tolerances dictated by the name brand?

    I'm all for saving a dollar, but not going to support illegal business. Not saying these knock off are or aren't...........but I wonder about such things.
  6. I haven't been to Brookville in forever. The little cemetery on the gravel (then?) road, behind was good (across the road private ground- cornfield. While scouting I about got a 4 pointer w my truck. Just checked Google Earth........cemetery way bigger now and tree filled in the weedy drainage. Way different now.

    Had a buddy from down there that knew the area well.
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  7. The knock offs are from China
  8. And the originals are made where?
    Just wondering if it is an "across the pond" copy or an "across the street" copy :)
  9. When I bought mine I thought I was getting the real deal just super cheap through CHINA after getting them I realized that they are some sort of knock off they may be a little different material but the design and concept works the same. EBAY has every name brand broadhead you just have to wait for it.
  10. The Chinese counterfeit heads are a rampant problem in the archery industry right now. Rage in particular seems to be getting hit bad. But all of the companies are feeling it. One of my best friends is Mike Sohm the owner of Magnus Broadheads. Mike is a Kansas guy who started Magnus out of a spare bedroom at his parents house some 33 years ago. Mike takes pride in making his heads 100% in the USA and supplies a lifetime no questions asked replacement warranty. I have worked with Mike over the past 10 years to design and develop new broadheads and other products that we have made here in the USA. Lately we are finding Chinese counterfeit heads being sold under the Magnus name on places like Amazon and Ebay. The steel is soft and the heads do not spin true. The problem is that guys buy them thinking that they are getting a "deal" on a Magnus product and then when the product fails they come to Magnus and want the heads replaced. It sucks, because we don't want the Magnus name attached to Chinese broadheads or failures due to inferior manufacturing and cheap materials. But these guys will threaten social media back lash if they don't get a replacement head. So here we are ... Mike's money ... Mike and I's hard R&D work ... and we get stuck replacing a product that isn't even ours just to save our USA brand and the reputation of the real products.

    Every time you buy one of these cheap knock off heads, especially when the actual product is make here in the USA, you are taking money away from your fellow Americans who work in the very industry that we all should be supporting. These guys ... like Mike ... are fellow hunters. Most think that those who own these companies in the hunting industry are rich fat cats. You would be surprised to find out that most of these guys are just like most of us, just trying to pay the bills in life.

    Please don't support the Chinese knock off products floating around in the hunting industry!

    Notice that I did NOT say don't buy Chinese products either ... that is nearly unavoidable these days. But when a USA company designs a product and contracts it to China for manufacturing because they cannot make it affordably here in the States, that does not give the Chinese the right to sell the same product back to the States as a counterfeit product. Please don't support this practice with your dollars.
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  11. I only bought 2 packs of broadheads off Ebay. They were the Calmonts, from the manufacturer (USA). Not available anywhere else LOL.

    All others have been bought through brick and mortar pro shops. No question I'm getting the real deal.
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  12. The point I was just making in the post is the Hypodermics I bought on Ebay from CHINA did NOT fail. They have not failed they do exactly what the job is intended to do didn't bend nor break and instead of $13.35 A PIECE you can get at your own risk of course 12 at $1.40 a piece. Markup here in the US on anything is so rediculously high. Also there is a difference between paying the bills at 1,000 and paying the bills lets say at bare minimum of $40000.00 a month. Thats off just 12,000 packs a year. How many did you say he sells again? On ebay a fella has sold 467 of them so obviously they arent failing totaling $7840.93. Now in the US that would be $23345.33 a difference of $15504.40. Theres no telling how much Magnus makes or Rage makes consumers can't see those numbers.
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  13. Making money is a sin.
    Anybody making over $10 an hr needs to be replaced by an illegal immigrant.
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