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Kosciusko Co. lakes

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I was out driving today checking on some lakes. For anyone who's interested Winona Lake is all open (saw 3 boats), Pike is all open, east end of Tippy is open, Shoe is half open, Dewart is iced over, Center is iced and edges are opening quick. Gettin the boat ready!
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Barbee Chain is mostly open, still ice on Big Barbee and Secrist. You can boat across Big Barbee, not sure on Secrist. Webster should be open, though there may still be some ice. Ridinger looked like it was still iced over... Hoffman open....
Hey, any of you "Barbee" boys checked out Durham Lake? The state just took it over and I think it is under the Tri-county management. It sits between St Rd 5 and St Rd 13, not to far from the flowing well. Just looking for some info....
Do you know where it is at excatly? amybe we will have to hook up and investigate....Is it connected to Barbee or Webster at all? Or basically all by itself... got me in my :dizzy: sickened state to stumble out to my truck and retrieve my maps...I'll look at them and see if I can find it...
found it(hack..hack..gasp.......:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: )..... coming from 13 take 350 east past 925, it should be about 1/2way between 5 and 925 just south of 350.. from the east it looks like you take 650 west from 5... not positive on that.. looks like numbers in whitley get higher not lower as you get north... so it maybe 850 or, the easier way, whatever road "number 1 stop" is on the corner of, take that from 5 or
it sits by itself. fished it about 20 years ago when it was private. since the state took it over i was just wondering if any of the locals up there started fishing it. i hope you have recovered from your map trip. maybe you ought to take it easy for awhile,maybe do a little
I am trying to figure out right now how to justify fishing this weekend when I am still trying to recover from this nasty bout with bronchitis...forgot to ask the dr yesterday if it would be ok to sit out in the middle of the lake in a boat for around 8 hours two day in a row fishing, though I am sure I know his stupid answer already....What kinda fishing did the lake have when you fished it? Panfish and Bass I am sure, any Pike?
I found a map on the DNR website:

apparently we can fish Durham lake, but not Pisgah, both lakes appear to be connected to Gaff ditch which might flow into backwaters.
as i remember,(that was quite a few beers ago), we caught a few nice redear and dink perch. but i have never pike fished before or walleye or musky. i remember a ditch, but not one i could get a boat through...and mine is small.
I am just thinking of fish swimming up that ditch from backwaters and into those lakes....
i see...but it would be nice if the ditch was navigable. the ramp at backwaters is so crowded whenever i have been up there....
Hey guys, I just saw your post's and durm is just spitting distance from my house. I havent fished it much mainly because I forgot about it. It's tucked back out of the way, I don't remember any outlets to speek of. Thanks for jogging my memory though. That may be a hole that has been overlooked by many. If you guys check it out, 850 is closed off you have to get there from 350.
hey dusty not sure about my roads. is 850 the one that comes off of st rd 5?
Ya, you can not get to Durham from 5 without going the long way around :mad: . Your best bet is to turn on 350 off of 13. The number 1 stop (a.k.a. old yellow bait shop) is right on the corner there. take that throu 2 stop signs you will see a road closed sign, Just ignore it take 350 as far as it can go, about 3/4 a mile, and you will run right into Durham.
I was out there tonight and checked it out. Your only able to get a small light boat in there. there is no ramp to speek of and the shore line is unfishable :( . It looks like it may be worth the trouble though
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