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Kosciusko County

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by rico, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Searched all day y-day. Nothing. Foilage looks good. Maypoles are up. I will try again tomorrow, maybe this snow will get them popping!!!!!!!:coco:

  2. Keep looking fungi !!!

  3. I'm 'bout tired of snow up here, Rico. It's a flippin' white out right now!
  4. rico what area of the state is that ?? not familiar with the county
  5. Kosciusko is in the Northeast portion of the state. I'm here in Noble county just abit further Northeast and havent even thought about picking any tasty treats. My buddy always says he starts to find them on his dads Bday, April 20th. but with the snow and cold i havent even went out yet.
    2 to 3 weeks and I may have to use some vacation time
  6. Kclark80, welcome to the forum...
    Morchella Fella, to find Kosciusko county on the map look for Warsaw(county seat), Silver lake (south boundary), Syracuse(north boundary), Pierceton(east boundary), and Etna green(west boundary).

    I don't know what this cold snap hasn't stunted or at least severely hindered the shrooming around here this spring... hope not!

    Happy Hunting!
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  7. Gosh Rico, I thought that they'd show up better poking up out of the snow:yikes: .
  8. If I find any around my area they will have to be in a zip lock bag at Krogers. I think its way to cold and the ground is cold and the wet snow will not let anything pop there head up. Just going to have to wait. But it good to go for a walk ever now and them.
  9. they all went back down their holes ------lol, damn weather
  10. Sorry guys been too busy to get on here. Found this one Saturday...due East of me in Whitley County. Tiny grey. I have a toothpick sticking in him.

  11. Good eyes Rico..... headin to the woods right now. (Whitley) How the hell did you see that thing. You got some special powers?????
  12. No kidding, how did you find that Rico? You are a serious shroom hunter!!:cool:
    Is the snow melting off today? Its almost 70 here west of Indy. I'll be up your way this weekend at Wawasee, hope the weather gets better and stays that way. Have any of you heard any lake reports, fish, temps, etc.?
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  13. Look at my avitar. Underdog has a great sniffer!!!!!
  14. sad to see...without the vaunted "One Grey Rule" this mushroom will never grow to maturity

    rico you're a madman!!! your eye sight is apparently phenomenal...