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Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by trdtnlbwhntr, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. JacobM deserves to be recognized fellas. Among all the negatives that get tossed around on this website and the doom and gloom that goes on through the OBR debates and the nonsense, I have found some positive to focus on.

    As most of you may have seen i put a bug out there mentioning I wanted to find a copy of the book "Hunting Rutting Whitetails" by Gene Wensel. These books are sellling used for over 175.00 bucks on ebay and they are currently out of print and probably not coming back. TO make a long story even longer I recieved a PM from JacobM saying he had a copy and would be willing to let me borrow it. Mind you I have only talked to this guy over this website and with full trust he sent me his personal copy of the book (autographed by Gene) to read and return. I would like to say thanks again Mark. Hopefully we can share a campfire sometime.

    This is a testament to the great people we have here on the site and I look forward to making new friends each day. Thanks again Mark I really appreciate it.
  2. There are some truely good guys on here!
    Then, there's me.

  3. Its Hard To Find People Like That These Days. But In Fact They Are Out There.:)