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Lagrange County Mushrooms

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by goggleye57, May 7, 2005.

  1. Finally got out and did some mushroom hunting. My wife and I found a decent sack of yellow morels up on the Pigeon River this evening.:) Too much work lately, and then when I could go fishing or mushroom hunting the weather was too crappy. Got to get my priorities in line and quit this extra work;)
  2. Going to Northern Michigan after black morels this weekend. Will try the Wolverine area. Anyone hear any reports?

  3. a bulletin board. Its how i base my trip every year. Picked 104 huge yellows in last 2 days in Ligonier area. Groups of 15 or more not uncommon at all. Hit a patch of 41 this evening plus some. 53 tonight 51 last night. All in one little creek bed bou 1/16 mile long. MUCH more to hunt this weekend right there.
  4. Thats true but I love the trip up North!:)
  5. picked 63 last night so 3 day total is 167. Threw just as many rotton ones back or didnt even pick them as well last night. Its awesome. This rain and thunder i belive is the mushroom god:bowdown: :bowdown: yellin at me. Gonna have to upgrade to the 10lb. potato sack on sunday i belive/hope :corkysm55
  6. Noblebowhunter - King of the Fungi:bowdown: good job Keith!!:)