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Lake County Winds

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by hawk_driver, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Hey folks, I am working a strategy before I decide what farmer to ask permission to hunt his land. If I remember correctly, the prevailing winds up north (Portage area, right off of Lake Michigan) are normally out of the North / Northwest. Does anyone hunt up here, and if so, how do you go about setting up your pre-season stands?

    Also, I will be setting up both stands for muzzlelooader and bow. How far do you muzzleloader shooters usually plan for your max shot. I am totally new to muzzloader this year, and a little guidance will be appreciated.


  2. I wouldnt put the cart before the horse here. Get the permission first and then decide how to hang your stands. In the fall the winds are going to blow in from the lake 95% of the time. I learned that playing college baseball in the area. (Its a great determinate of what kind of pitcher you want pitching that day)When we get a warm front they blow north to the lake. Its pretty straight forward. Plan on most of the winds in the fall being south-south east winds. For the muzzleloader stands i hunt my archery stands. If you are dead set on having separate stands I am lethal with my Remington ML700 out to 150 yards (thats all i am willing to shoot im sure it will do more but im not interested in that) but inside 75 is a gimme shot. So if you want to back off you can but with more stands in range for archery hunting you have more options during the best time of the year to hunt.

    Like I said though get your permission first because i would hate to see you get all hyped up and then have a big let down if you cant get permission to hunt. Take care and let me know if you need anything else I'm in the Chesterton area.

  3. That is great, and thanks for the reply. Where do you hunt? Private or Public land? I am going to go by the farmers house today and talk to him. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. I just wanted to be sure that I pick a suitable field before asking for permission. No sense in picking somewhere where I will have little to no options for a good shot. I will let ya know how it goes.

    I see that it says "guide" by your name. Is that a title for the number of posts you have, or are you a local guide. I could really benefit from a seasoned hunter showing me the ropes now that I am back home.

  4. thats just for the posts thing but if you get permission i could help you hang stands and teach you to read the winds and the sign if you wanted. I hunt private land in southern Indiana. I have never had to hunt on public land. My uncles family owns a ton of land in NE Indiana and there are hunting oppurtunities there for my family. I have gotten my cousin into bowhunting and "guided" him to his first bow kill two years ago. I had a sweet treestand hung that we called old faithful it stayed there over the years. Then some sports writer came in and planted some food plots and now i cant sit in old faithful anymore. Some peoples children im telling you what:biggrin: . But if you get permission send me a pm on here and Ill try to get some stuff around to help you out a bit with stand placement and reading deer sign and the woods around you. If you are interested in learning about deer, the best book I have ever read about deer hunting and its strategies in called Come November. You can get it at its in the vacinity of 25 dollars and it will teach you more in 180 pages than you have ever thought possible. Not only does it teach you about deer but it teaches you about terrain, sign, and tip-offs you can pick up in the woods while hunting. Pick that up and read it before season. Let me know how it goes today.
  5. First off, Portage is in Porter county. Used to hunt Portage area off the Toll Road, lived about 10 miles from the lake between Valpo and Portage. Set up a number of stands along a hot trail on either side 25-30 yards in. This gives you options to play the wind, gives good bow shots and allows you to take longer shots with the muzzleloader (I limit my shots to around 100 yards with my CVA hunter carbine). Hunting the fields themselves is setting yourself up for failure. Go into woods 50-80 yards or so to catch them coming from the fields in the morn and milling around before dark falls as they enter the field. Keep the wind in your face, know your shot limits both muzz and bow and you're set.trdtnlbwhntr is correct on the wind direction come hunting season.

    trdtnlbwhntr, you ever go to Rangemaster Outfitters in Chesterton? Good friend of mine is the VP there.

    Good luck

  6. Hey Hawk I'm from down the road in Hobart. Although I just recently lost my land and I'm in the process of looking for a new place to take my daughter hunting I would be more than glad to give you a hand with stand placement if needed. I'm no professional but have had pretty good success. If you need anything don't hesitate to drop me a message.
  7. thanks for the tips guys. For the record Edj, my home is Portage, but I plan on hunting a nearby unincorporated part of Lake County (pretty close to Portage), sorry for the confusion.

    trdtnlbwhntr, I will certainly check that book out. I am always up for some good reading. I did not get a hold of the owner today. He was not there. I plan on giving it another go tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.

  8. FYI, I have been DENIED hunting on the field I was scouting. Way bummer. I am continuing to look.