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Lake Erie Accident

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by DEC, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. I know this is an Indiana forum, but my buddy that I fish with over by Sandusky just informed me of this.

    I'm not sure I've ever watched a Roger Raglin show, but I've read good and bad about his programs. Anyway, he was filming an upcoming fishing episode on Erie Tuesday when the boat captain royally screwed up. 8 people in the water and hurt. I've fished and duck hunted all over this very area.

    Just a reminder of how horribly wrong something can happen doing somethign that many of us love to do. These people were lucky that no one was killed.

  2. I had talked to Roger on Sunday and he told me he and his family were going on this charter. He's a good friend of mine. I've been trying to contact hom since yesterday when I heard of the accident. I'll keep you posted.

  3. I saw Roger at the Indy show 2 years ago. A real character! I've seen his outdoor shows a few times. Scary incident.
  4. Accidents like this happen from time to time, but 25mph at 10pm with surface fog is way too fast.
    I remember a couple years ago a boat called "The Recovery Room" slammed into the pier at Luddington, MI when an inexperienced Capt. was coming back to port on autopilot, and had set his home waypoint inside the piers when he was going out.

    This could cost the skipper his license, and depending on his insurance, his charter business.

    I hope everyone is ok...
  5. Having met him at the show and bought his videos, Roger is one of the most humble and excitable guys about deer hunting I've ever met. I'm sure he wants to forget about the accident and go on. If all the video guys were like him, the deer hunting tv world would be much more entertaining. Sounds like that guide is lucky to have had him on the boat instead of someone that would try to sue him and ruin his business. Roger is a class act, if I have ever met one.
  6. My buddy Pete was supposed to be on that boat Tuesday, but canceled out at the last minute on Monday. Some members of will recognize Ted Bayer as the captain who was going to take a group of us out a month ago. It's too bad...that boat is the shizzle. It's a good thing that noone got hurt real bad.
  7. I spoke to my buddy that I fish with over there. He said he is hearing more and more details. He said the captain was just flat negligent in the incident. He'll be lucky if he keeps his captain's license when this is over from what I've been told. An act of stupidity it sounds.:nono:
  8. They are extremely hard to get..
    I suppose it's just like everything else though, when you've done it for so long it is easy to develop bad habits or shortcuts.

    The boat looks horrible in the pics..