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Lake Gage Carp Round Up

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by DEC, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. I can't remember who PM'ed me and asked to post up the dates of the Carp Round Up on Lake Gage. I got the Association News Letter last night and it says.

    June 2 sunrise until June 3 noon

    Contact Jeff DeTro and Darlene Shimmoller

    I don't know how their round up works, I've never participated in it, so you will have to look up these people's numbers and give them a call.
  2. How do they expect you to lasso a critter with no neck?

  3. Boy, I'm not real sure ...

    I saw pictures from last year's round up. They had a front end loader FULL of carp.:yikes:
  4. carp rodeo

    thanks for the lake gage information i will make plans to go a carping in June

    they do have them big lips that i just toss the lasso around & pull them in
  5. Is the lake so overpopulated that they are trying to thin them out or do they just not want them in there? And is this a contest and are there prizes awarded for the most and biggest and stuff like that?
  6. Yea, there are A LOT of carp in there and they want them gone. I've seen some monsters laying under the docks in the summer time.

    They do offer prizes as I recall. Again, I've never participated in it, but I've seen the photos and they bring in a mess of them. I wouldn't mind participating in it this year, if you guys are looking for a team mate. I live on the lake, so access for me is pretty easy.:)
  7. does anybody have a cotact numbers for these people, and is there a charge for the round up
  8. I don't think there is a fee.

    Jeff Detro (260)833-6822

    I couldn't find a number for the other contact.
  9. -- yes there is a fee or was a fee of $10.00 per 2 man teem remember they also allow gar for the fish count so guys have pontoons with generators with big spotlights & they spear the gar all night i think a guy last year had like 192 carp i might be way off but it was some crazy number like that i don't have a phone contact but her is an E-MAIL address for more info
    just copy & past it

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  10. I seem to recall a very large number in that neighborhood. It was staggering. I think 2nd place had like 30 some fish.
  11. -- when i fished the carp rodeo in 2005 the way it was loosely run i could have just speared carp the year before & that year out of the river & just froze them till the day of the contest but its just for fun & maybe a little money