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lake james

Discussion in 'Indiana Bass Fishing' started by ice dude, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Was out on lake james Wed. evening for 3 hours and caught 6 bass, 2 were over 15. We were fishing around one of the sunken islands near the inn. Carolina rigged floating worms, and creature baits were working good.
  2. That's a nice job on that lake Ice Dude. It is either a good lake to fish, or a extremely hard lake to fish. I've fished it 3 times this year so far. The first time we killed them, sticking a 4 lb. 14 oz. largemouth, and a 3 lb. smallie. Not to mention all the others that were mixed in. The other two times we got 2 a piece. Worked our butts off for them. Some of the larger tournaments this spring were having their troubles too. Most guys came in empty handed. Winning weights were less than 5 lbs., and usually 3 or less fish. So great job out there. If I had my way, I would fish Big and L. Otter before James. However, on James you have a chance at the smallies. That is always fun.

    I'm not sure if you have a live-well on your boat, but I would like to send a open invitation out to you and anyone else here interested. I run a board where we have some opens called Rally tournaments. Basically it's local folks who fish Indiana and Michigan waters. We pitch in 5 bucks per person on a boat. Winner takes 60% of the pot, and 2nd gets 40% of the pot. The kicker is that it's a one fish limit. So big bass gets all the glory, and we don't have a big fish kill afterward. This way it gives everyone a shot at the money and prestige. It's been a lot of fun so far.
    Our past Rally's have been on Randall Chain, and Golden Lake Chain. Our next one is on Coldwater lake July 10th. Indiana time 5:30 am to 12:30 pm or Michigan/Ohio time 6:30 am to 1:30 pm. I already have the permit, so we are set there. Make sure you arrive early to get your boat in. We usually have 8 to 15 boats, and go out for a bite to eat afterward. This year we are meeting at a members house near Hamilton Lake. Having a cookout, and a lot of fishing stories. Just need to bring yourself, and there is plenty of parking for rigs there. Type of boat does not matter. We had a couple guys fishing out of a small aluminum boat last time. He had made a live-well out of a cooler with a aerator and the whole deal. Just kept changing the water out as needed. Lot easier to keep one fish alive than 5 fish. We are having a 8 oz. penalty for any dead fish.

    Just thought I would throw that out there. You can never have enough fishing buddies in the area.
    Tight lines.

  3. Thanks for the info, when is the next one on hogback i got a spot there were i can get a fish over 5 lb almost every time, i like the randal chain too those are some good fishin. ussaly dont fish coldwater and marble.
    My dad and I are goin back out on James tonight gonna try the same area to see if those fish stayed there or they were just up there because of the moon phase. I'll report on that tonight when i get home.
  4. Oh an a live well yea we got two, fish out of a '98 205 dual pro Procraft bass boat with a 150 merc. My dad fished tournys for like 5-6 yrs.
  5. Not sure when the next one on Golden Chain will be. We caught our keepers out of Hogback. Really wanted to make the trip up to Mud, L. Bower, and Long Lake. Except the trees had blown over the river. Couldn't make the trip.

    We usually discuss it at our lunch afterward. You and your dad are welcome to come. Run it by him, and see if he's interested. Good luck tonight.

    P.S. I will be on vacation next week, and may try to hit up that chain of lakes again. When I get back, I'll post how it went.

    tight lines.
  6. was out on james this evening did well, fished from 4:30 till 8:00 caught 14 bass. only 3 were legal, had 2 smallies that was a plus. those 3 would have went a little over 7lb. All come from 2 different inside turns with good coontail growth. had 2 on a white spinner bait, 2 on a yum woolly hawg tail green pumpkin, 3 on chomper twin tail grub, and 1 on a carolina rigged camo worm, the other 6 come on a 4 1/4" yum vibra king tube in green pumpkin/pepper/green.