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Lake Michigan 1-5-07

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by side slapper, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. 410 and I went to Lake Michigan again Friday. What great weather, calm wind, no rain, and 50 deg. A great day to kick back, relax, and enjoy the warm weather. The fish must have thought the same thing, only got one 20 inch coho, and that was only after it crossed nearly every line and one downrigger. Still don't have the birdsnest out of that reel.:banghead3 :banghead3
  2. Birdsnest aside, sounds like an enjoyable day out there.

    What's with the Gill Master anyway? Those Lake Michigan gills seem to know his number, don't they? I thought 410 could pull those bluegills out of his pockets when he wanted to.

  3. 410 won't give up his favorite Lake Michigan bluegill spots. I think he is afraid it might get over fished, you know how small that lake is!
  4. Next time you get out there and catch some Coho save a couple for the grill. Really nice flavor with some apple chips in the fire.
  5. Well the reason we are keeping things and places secret. I am thinking about starting a guide service. And the first step is learning how to gill fish and then you take take other steps like from gills to rainbows, rainbows to bass, bass to walleyes and walleyes to brown trout, coho, lake trout and then beyond, that is how to cook fish with my (well Jim's and mine) special mix. You get the idea. ON Friday I had 4 good bites and never got one fish to the boat. I tell you all the gang should try this at least one time in the like. LOVE TO FISH AND HUNT and yes to eat to. I all most forgot, How to use rattletraps for Quail. HA! HA!
  6. Now that seemed uncalled for.:(