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Lake Michigan June 25th

Discussion in 'Indiana Big Lake Fishing' started by brad24, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. I fished with my wife and my father yesterday morning out of Mich city aboard the Brandi-k. We caught 16 fish from 5:30 till 12. 9 cohos/4kings/2 steelies and 1 laker. We fished in 65-75 feet of water almost straight out from the harbor. The fishing was so hot early that we couldnt keep lines in the water and had tangles everywhere in the back of the boat. We had 11 fish by 7:30 AM and had lost a handful more. The nice and surprising thing about it was, there wasnt even a single boat around us. Everybody else went way east toward New Buffalo and they didnt seem to be having anywhere near as good of luck. Fishing slowed down a lot after about 9, the wind picked up out of the north and was rolling at 3-4 feet i would guess. I got a couple pics in the gallery.
  2. brad I have never fishing Lake Mick except for one time. Sounds like you had a great trip. Did you take any pictures? would like to see a couple.

  3. 410, i got a couple pics up in the gallery. For about the last 3 years we have made at least one trip up to the lake per year. We love the salmon fillets. Since we dont have the equipment to fish it when they go deep, we take a charter. There are several up there, they range from price from around 300-600 bucks for a full day. We have been going out with Brandi-K charter from Mich city the last 2 years, he is very reasonable on his rates, 90 bucks a person. For 3 of us yesterday it was $270. If you want to catch a lot of fish, March and April are non stop action on the smaller coho, the end of June and July is good for steelehead/Coho/Kings, August is usually a dead month, and then September is the time of the fall King Salmon run. You can catch some monster 4 year old kings that fight great. The only thing about that is those fish are extremely picky that time of the year, and its always very hit and miss. I wont lie, we went after them last year on September 10th and never got a hit. The captain only charged us for gas that day. I ended up catching a nice king 2 weeks later up there off the pier, i think thats what i'll try this year too.