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Lake Monroe, 28 October 2005

Discussion in 'Southwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Slowretrieve, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. Mr. Piggy and I fished the big waters on Friday. Hit the lake about 2:30 p.m. Put in at Moores Creek. The water looked like coffee without enough creamer in it. Wind was out of the northeast at about 15 mph. Clouds were thick and moving quickly.
    Trolled our favorite spot across the lake looking for wipers or anything that bites, but mostly wipers. Mr. Piggy used a white curly tailed grub and I used a silver spoon. I caught the first--take that, Mr. Piggy--fish, a 3 inch yellow bass of little consequence and not much character. That was all we caught, so we relocated to the Hardin Ridge area--nothing. Moved across the lake to the Fairfield area--nothing. A guy on a Skidoo went by--what the hell is he doing out here? Then we decided to go back where we started so we would not be too far downlake when the sun set. Once we were back there we trolled again.

    About the time we were going to call it quits Mr. Piggy hooked into a fish. Had to net the thing. It was a 5.0 lb. wiper. Nice fish! I saw that he was using a chartreusse 4 " Hyper Striper Stump Jumper (I loaned him that, by the way, and he never returned the thing) and so I switched to one as well. On the next turn I hooked into a 5.0 wiper as well. We boated that beauty, took a snapshot (there's a word you don't hear much anymore) and started another turn. This time I hooled a 3.5 pounder, then it was dark and time to start back in.

    It was a good day, good weather although windy and a little cold, but it did not seem to stop the wipers from hitting.
  2. sounds like it ended up being a good day .

  3. It was good enough to convince me I want to go back this Friday when it is supposed to be about 71 degrees.

    Good Fishing!
  4. i spend alot of time on Monroe lake catfishing. my biggest is a 49 pound flat head. alot of big cat in that lake. and its clost to home for me.
  5. Amen to that! I never fish for catfish because they slime my boat carpeting so badly, but we always seem to stumble onto one or two. You're right, they are usually large and they usually take an artificial lure. I never got one over forty pounds though. That must have been a heck of a fight. Last year I got a 13 pounder and it was a handful.
  6. take a look at this. this is the 49 pounder i was talking about

  7. What a gorgeous cat! That's a real taildragger. Were you fishing from shore when you caught that?
  8. That's something to brag about! I haven't caught any huge one's myself, but my wife's uncle, who i have spent a lot of time on Monroe with, caught a 48#er on a half oz. rattletrap a few yrs ago.
  9. i was fishing from the bank. that is over by cutright. i fish the bank alot. have some hot spots for cats. i do spend some time in a boat but i like the bank fishing better. kick back in a chair and enjoy a pepsie ( or something cold and wet that starts with B )
  10. Oh, yeah. I see where you are. Initially I couldn't recognize that rock wall in the distance, but that's the road. With the water so low, it is difficult to realize where anything is at Monroe these days. You're just off the parking lot for the ramp. That is a fairly shallow area in a normal season but I always see surface activity in there. I also see a lot of bank fishing right under the bridge in the distance. You ever catch anything over that way? It looks like it would be good for walleye, once the pleasure boat season is past.
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