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Lake of the Week - Greene Sullivan State Forest

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Sorry guys I mistakenly lost the first two posts of your discussion when I tried to move them to a new thread. :redface: Good lake of the week topic - a number of small fishing lakes with great fishing scattered throughout the Greene Sullivan State Forest.
  2. Dangit Goggle, that was good info too! Just kiddin'. I'll post a weblink later for Greene- Sullivan State Forest.


  3. Please watch the language Tree!!!:bonk:
  4. Sorry Dean. I'll keep it to myself. :banghead3
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    Save it for chat Mister!!!;)

    Choda, bush...
  6. AAAAHHHH Yes...the Chat! That's where it's happenin'. Happy hour is from
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  7. I'll be on late. Got a game tonight vs. Elkhart Central. Go Panthers! You guys will have to provide the funny and unforgettable material until I arrive...good luck, gentlemen.
  8. Here's the website for the bait shop located in the forest area. Click on the Greene-Sullivan State Forest link in the site for good info on what it has to offer. If you've never been there it's worth a weekend of your time to try it out. A 3+ lbs. bluegill was taken from Reservoir # 26 several years ago. Never caught any that big down there but have caught a lot of big'n's.
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  9. "Where in the World?"

    Hi Guys, I'm back from my Florida "excursion." Will post about experiences on a separate thread later. Question? - Have never heard of the Greene Sullivan Park - Whereabouts is it, say from Ft. Wayne? Shoot, a gill that big - My bucket of gills usually doesn't weigh that much! Thanks! Shhh!-Heard that report of cold Arctic air mass moving in to. Trouble is if the forecast snows hit 1st into next week, that will really impede the ice making! From "Still Dying to Ice Fish.
  10. From Ft. can't get here from there :biggrin: ...just kiddin'...the "Forest" is located near Dugger/Linton IN. area. Probably best best is head to Indy, take
    I-70 to Terre Haute, from TH take US 41 South to IN-54 and then to IN-159/CR 800. After you get lost stop and ask somebody if you are close. :biggrin: Go to GOOGLE start the trip from TH and end at Linton, IN - Greene Sullivan State Forest, on the map notice all the little blue spots...those are lakes...yippee!!!

  11. Its a cool area - some great fishing. Make a good fishing/camping trip
  12. You haven't told anyone about the mushroom hunting down there have you goggle? ssshhhh!!!

    Greene-Sullivan State Forest has more than 125 lakes. Seventy-five boat ramps are maintained, Some of the lakes - such as Bass Lake and Wampler Lake - have more than one ramp, and some lakes have easy road side access.
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  13. There's your combination, fishing some strip pits down there or the bigger lakes, and morel hunting in the afternoon. That's probably round middle of April maybe?
  14. that would be a big MAYBE! Chapstick.