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Lake of the Week - Patoka

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. I have only fished Patoka a couple of times. Both time I headed into the deep submerged timber with slip bobbers and caught big bluegills. Lets get the scoop on Patoka from some of you guys!! :)
  2. I fish there in early April every year...have got some 5+ fish out of there early. Later in the year it seems like you have to fight over the sloughs with the tournament fisherman (crappie and bass).

  3. i always have good luck with patoka usually launch at walls lots of good fishin early crappie in stick ups to bluegills on nest not much of a bass fisherman but hopefully that will change this year
  4. I have great memories of fishing Patoka one April day. We sat on the ramp for about an hour in the truck while it rained so hard we could not even see the hood of the truck. After the hurricane stopped we fished in a constant downpour for about 3 hours before if finally slowed to a steady cold rain for the next 2 hours. Once it finally switched to a drizzle for the remainder of the day we ended up catching several bass in some shallow stump flats. From what I remember it was a very clear lake even with all the rain. It sure looked good everywhere and I would like to get back down there sometime. They say the bass fishing can be really good.
  5. good bass fishing there

    Caught several nice bass there last summer. All the action on that day was the first couple hours of light on top water, wow. The best one was a beautiful 4 pounder. You would be hard pressed to find a better largemouth lake in Indiana. Been there on 20 fish mornings with crankbaits.

  6. OK, you talked me into it...I'll try it again. :cool:
  7. Patoka Lake

    For those of you that had ??? about Patoka Lake, the current issue of IG&F has an article about Patoka Lake and Lake Monroe...which one is the best bass lake in Indiana. I scanned through it at the mag rack, you may find it helpful if you need more info on Patoka. Good info on some of the state crappie lakes too.....