Lake of the Week, Sept. 18th: Adams Lake

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    [url="]Adams Lake, LaGrange County[/url]

    Nearest town: Wolcottville
    Surface water area: 308 acres

    Maximum depth: 20 feet
    Average depth: 10 feet
    Secchi disc: 20.5 feet (2005)

    Demographics: 95% developed; 5% forested
    Shoreline fishing: Poor
    Accessibility: State-owned public access with ramp by inlet on east shore, off CR 550E; parking for 8 vehicles
    Motors: Inboard / outboard motors allowed
    Accommodations: None




    FISHING INFORMATION: At 308 acres Adams Lake is no giant, but it doesn’t need size to draw anglers. That’s because it’s become known as a lake catering to the fishing public. Pressure from bass tournaments isn’t too heavy, thanks to an access site which can only accommodate eight rigs in its parking area. There’s also strict limitation on recreational boating. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., recreational boaters, jet-skiers and water-skiers can speed around to their heart’s content, but not the rest of the time. Outside those hours, speeding is banned. Thanks to this rule, anglers don’t have to worry about snagging a water-skier during the prime morning and evening hours.

    According to the DNR’s 2005 survey, this lake supports a good sport fish population dominated by yellow perch, largemouth bass and bluegill. Yellow perch grow at an above-average rate for northern Indiana natural lakes. Largemouth bass abundance is low compared to similar size natural lakes, but the numbers appear to be increasing.

    Water quality is moderate with visibility of up to 8 feet. This lake was stocked with walleye and tiger muskellunge fingerlings through 1990, but stocking has been discontinued for lack of success. Anglers report no muskellunge caught in recent years ,and there were no muskie present in the 2005 lake survey. However, there were a few walleye sampled during the survey.

    As far as catchable fish, you’ll find decent numbers of nice bluegill, and fair numbers of crappie up to 17 inches. There are good-sized largemouth bass, running up to 18 inches, and solid numbers of yellow perch. In fact, yellow perch are the most abundant fish according to a 2005 DNR survey. The channels on the lake’s east side (SPOT 1) draw crappie and bluegill to their rapidly-warming waters in early spring, and they’re excellent places to try for crappie and bluegill at early ice. Small jigs tipped with a minnow will do nicely for crappie, and a waxworm on a jig should be the ticket for bluegill.

    The big, shallow bay on the east end (SPOT 2) develops the best weeds on the lake as water warms and harbors bluegill and largemouth bass later in the year. Small, chartreuse crankbaits, spinnerbaits or soft plastic lures fished along weedlines should get some bass action early. Toss surface lures like chuggers, walking baits or buzzbaits over weed tops in summer. You’ll find bass along the west shore, too, where there are decent weeds and a nice drop into deep water (SPOT 3). You’ll want to work the inside turn at (SPOT 4) for both bigmouth and bluegill.

    Underwater points which compose (SPOT 5) are good places to take yellow perch in summer. You’ll find good perch action as well as excellent fishing for bluegill at the break off the big, shallow flat at (SPOT 8). The lake also produces well in winter; you can take nice numbers of perch at the 30-foot level in the small bay at the southwest end (SPOT 6). The 30-foot hole at (SPOT 7) is known as a good producer of bluegill through winter ice.

    Aquatic vegetation has increased over the years. This is especially true near the inlet on the east side of the lake. The primary weeds of concern are curly-leaf pondweed and Eurasian milfoil. However, during the 2005 DNR survey, very little of either plant was found. This is not uncommon for the curly-leaf pondweed since it naturally dies off in late summer and the survey was taken in August. The lack of milfoil was out of the ordinary. In fact it was low enough that the local lake residents didn’t have to treat the lake for these invasive weeds.

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  2. Thanks for Adams lake, not far from my home. Beautiful lake, good water quality. My Dad used to jig for bass from daylight till dark there through the ice. I've caught some nice bluegills there. Nice public access ramp but not a great deal of parking :)

  3. Anyone fish for Perch much on Adams?? I've also heard that the Crappie fishing can be pretty good on Adams as well...
  4. My inlaws have ahouse right near the access. We catch fillet sized perch right from shore. and bass too. When out on the lake there are some great bluegills near the deeper spots. I've gotten into late summer schools of bass that will wear your arm out- while not huge- will get a kid to love fishing for the rest of his or her life.
    Cool buffalo farm just to the east of the access also.