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"Lake of the Week" - Snow Lake

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Lulu Patches, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. As everyone is polishing their ice rods, sharpening hooks, priming the bait & checking their list twice (X 100) as a hard water season might be within reach, I thought Snow right off of 120 in Steuben Co. might be a good one to chat on. Mainly, because North Snow Bay is one of the earliest freezing bodies of water around to get on. To be honest, that's why I've gone there & have never fished it in open water season. Before sunrise have had success on crappie and later in the day decent gills & a few perch. Don't know anything about the fish pops. One year a guy told me he had caught walleye near the Bay's opening to the main lake. So I tried jigging before the last curve out & doggone if I didn't get a smallish 14 incher. Found guys using tipups for bass in the Bay numerous times but bass I saw caught were small & ice bass isn't my "bag." One b-i-g ? - Haven't gone the last few years because of the parking dilemma caused when the housing subdivision closed off street access. Anyone know if the pull off road between the southern fingers of NSB but short of 800 out to Hickory Island still allows parking? Come on, ice!!!
  2. Went by Snow lake channels on the way home from Angola tonight- they are mostly skimmed over :)

  3. Don't know if the parking is still available. However, I did see some dudes parked down there in the little circle drive you're talking about before the ice left earlier this year. I used to get some nice crappie runs in there at all times (after dark). I've also caught some big redears after dark on swedish pimples (seemed strange and still does). I drove by tonight and it looked like all of Snow has now got ice on it...maybe it won't be long. Hey, Lulu, where are you from? I checked your profile, but it doesn't say.
  4. James, I'm an old outsider who grew up with fishing waters all around me in central Mich near Saginaw and came to Defiance, Ohio, in the field of education with nothing but ponds&reservoirs in sight. With a number of friends having property on Clear, that's my favorite focus (plus it's a major challenge to fish - You either leave with cheers or in tears!), but I like to try different lakes.
    QUESTION, ICE FOLKS - If in fact we do get ice back, how do you think the fish will react? - Like "first ice", "mid-ice" or ??? I can't recall ever fishing after such a long, open water recess in between ice cover.
  5. I think the fishing will be similar to what we typically have during last ice. I rarely have done consistently as well on the ice in January as I have in December (first ice) and in February/March (last ice). I don't know if we'll be able to ice fish long, but if these fourteen-degree nights keep up, we might have a shot at hard-water fishing this weekend or early next week!
  6. Maybe a Great Week or Two Later!

    Hit the weather channel this AM & they're suddenly showing a warm up to low 40's next Tues-Thurs. after this weekend's "freeze." - We just can't catch an ice break! However, I did go to accu-weather for 15 days ahead & they show all lows the following week from single digits up to 11-12. Now that would mean we're in business!
  7. Lulu Patches,

    I'm just east of you in Maumee Ohio. We don't have too many opportunities around here for good water to fish. However, your passing up a good ice fishing hole just down the road 108 from you. Try fishing Wauseon Reservoir sometime through the ice. I've done very well there over the years. Had one decent day when we had ice this past December. You will catch decent size crappie 2 to 1 over bluegill. The gills don't get much bigger than 8 inches, but the crappie all run between 9 and 12 inches long. Rarely do you catch too many dinks except in bluegill. Yellow Perch when you get on them are also of good size. Friend of mine just had one mounted from there he caught last year. Saugeye and Catfish are also in there. Preditors seem to get decent size due to the large shad population. There is no cover to speak of. Basically all flat bottom with a few gradual shelves. Fish near the bottom for all species. Including the crappie. It's the only place I've ever fished where the crappie sit right on the bottom. I'm yet to see them suspended there. Here's a batch of fish from December 22, 2005

    Good luck.

    P.S. This reservoir isn't near as good in the summer. You won't see too many folks out there fishing it during the summer month's. Not sure why, but the fish just don't bite the same.
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  8. Ohio note

    Bigbass, Thanks for the post. Actually in the spring or if there's ice, when I can't get away far, "Wauseon is my middle name!" You've described the place as I've found it. A couple years ago a guy pulled a 15 or 16" perch out of there. Late spring is when I do best on the perch (off east bank in one dropoff area a little over 1/2 way back from road.) I've done well on the crappie but not too often do I hit bunches in the 11-12" range. Before the DNR went to strictly stocking saugeye in reservoirs, walleye were put in there and they still have some beauties around besides saugeyes. Pulled a 27 incher a few years back floating a leech. You tell me why that place "shuts down" as you say from July on??!!! Maybe we can "hookup" this spring. I think I'm resolved to no more IN/OH ice this year. What a bummer!
  9. That place you described where the perch were caught is the deepest point in that reservoir. It has a hole about 25 foot out there. About 80% of the reservoir is 12 to 15 foot deep. Except for the far side from the road. There is a 7 to 9 foot flat that comes way out about half way down that side. I've caught some real nice crappie on that side. Also have caught some good perch there too. It's just a pain to walk that far sometimes. I've bass fished it several times, and have completely given up on the upper and lower. Just a hand full of dinks to show for my trouble. Not many in there. You know one fish that isn't mentioned much out there is the white bass. This is the first winter that I've caught them through the ice. Caught 4 of them on my last outing there. I've heard about some real big ones coming from there. Spoke with one gentleman who said he wouldn't be surprised if the next state record came out of there. You won't see me out there too much in the Spring. By that time, I'm back to the bass fishing I love to do. Next time we get some ice out there, I would be happy to meet you out there. There's a old water tower that is just below the surface on the N.W. end. It really messes the flasher up, but the fish hang around it pretty good year round. Just click on my profile and drop me a email anytime. Fishing or not, I'm always willing to talk about fishing.

    Here's a link to a photo of a couple fish that came out of Wauseon. One is of a 29 inch channel catfish caught out there. I couldn't get the guy to hold it who caught it, but took a picture of it on the ground. Also one of me with a saugeye caught while bass fishing. I have plenty of ice fishing photos from last year. I'll see if I can find one with the crappie up against a tape measure. The biggest perch in the photo above was 9 3/4 inches. So you can use that a length reference on the crappie.

    Sorry for getting of the Snow lake topic, but this thread turned toward a body of water close to me.:bonk:
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  10. Bigbass, you ever hit the maumee river for the walleye run ? i am there alot when they start till the white bass run is over man thats some fun !:bowdown: with no ice i have my stuff about ready waiting on melt pot ,egg weight mold ,and about $300.00 worth of mister twisters
  11. Use to fish Snow Lake when the ice is on and when they stopped us from parking I went to Lake George.
  12. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I'm on George...never saw many ice fish it.
  13. Most of the ice fishermen on George fish right in front of the ramp...I've gotten some nice crappies in that area, but that was years ago.
  14. Years ago used to fish the channel by the Mich ramp just over from the Indiana line. When the channel was made there was very few fish, about 2 to 3 years went by and then the crappie fun started. It was hard to keep a line in the water from a boat or thru the ice. I don't know how it is now.
  15. I use to fish it a lot. It's only about 15 minutes or less from my front door. Right now it's a circus down there in the Spring. I've never seen so many rude people in all my life. I went one time last year. Buddy of mine convinced me to go with him in his boat. He said he had a spot on the other side of river where not people went due to the private property. By the time we were fishing, it was the typical shoulder to shoulder there. Slipped on a big boulder on my way in, and got one arm soaking wet. Thank God it was shallow there. That's probably the biggest reason I don't go down there anymore. I'm not as nibble of foot anymore. As you probably know, it can get pretty dicey wading out far enough that you don't hook someone else's wadder's. I've seen my fair share of guys slip and float down river a ways. Don't plan on being one of them.

    When I use to hit it hard, the area by the Waterville island, or up by weir rapids was good. This is was usually when the water was down, and you could go down there with just a sweatshirt on. The tail end of the run when all the hungry jacks are in there. Now, that's a good time. Not near as crowded either. First run walleye are best down by the Sidecut Park rapids, and just past the 75 bridge. However, that is also the most crowded area.

    Keep us posted, if you go down there. I'm always curious how the guys are doing down there.

    Lake George:

    If I ever make out that way during ice fishing season. I'll give you a heads up Cary. You are welcome to join me down there by the access. I'll have some tackle you can use if you don't have ice gear.